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Game Construction Kit: RedPill 0.7.8
RedPill ist ein in AmiBlitz2 geschriebenes Game Construction Kit, das die Entwicklung von Spielen aus diversen Genres ermöglichen soll - veröffentlichte Videos zeigen eine Umsetzung von Pacman sowie das Knobelspiel Mirror. RedPill ist kompatibel mit AGA und ECS, der "Player" zum Abspielen der fertigen Kreationen benötigt 1 MB Chip- sowie etwas Fast-RAM.

Änderungen in Version 0.7.8:
  • All new games will be created in the projects folder. When starting the editor the main things you can do are creating a new project or loading an old one.
  • Examples folder has been removed.
  • Fast loading options have been added to access quickly your last loaded games.
  • Mulipalette example has been added, it shows how to use two different 16 colors tilesets and 16 color sprites in a 32 color game.
  • Side X behaviour has been refactored, behaviour could be slightly different.
  • Anim Comp condition trigger has been implemented, it can replace Anim is and Anim is not triggers.
  • Anims with loop now allow a Next Anim to be filled, when the looping anim is stopped it will play the specified next animation.
  • Level being edited can now be changed in the Edit Level screen.
  • If foreground and background colors chosen in the dialogs are the same the text color chosen will change.
  • An issue when going back from Tiles screen has been fixed.
  • Issue with Text Dialogs rendering has been fixed.

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