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AmigaOS 3/4: Web-Browser Netsurf 3.10
Der Web-Browser Netsurf - und damit auch Chris Youngs ReAction-basierte Amiga-Portierung (nicht zu verwechseln mit der SDL-Version) - steht jetzt in der Version 3.10 für AmigaOS 3 und AmigaOS 4 zur Verfügung.

AmigaOS-spezifische Änderungen:
  • Added Page Info icon and window.
  • Updated to improved core content scaling interface.
  • Add support for scrolling core windows in response to core requests.
  • Allow running JavaScript from ARexx.
  • Removed login window because it's now handled by the core.
Plattformübergreifende Änderungen:
  • Improved handling of NetSurf generated queries and errors, including:
    • Timeouts.
    • Authentication requests.
    • Certificate problems.
  • Created consistent visual style for NetSurf Core generated content.
  • HTML layout fix for {min|max}-width on replaced elements.
  • Improved keyboard navigation.
  • Improved local history with keyboard navigation and improved display.
  • Fixed mouse interaction issue when entire document had visibility:hidden.
  • Refactoring of the browser window handling.
  • Refactoring of the HTML content handler.
  • Refactoring of SSL certificate handling.
  • Refactoring of HTML, text search and selection code.
  • Many improvements to JavaScript robustness.
  • Many new and improved Duktape JavaScript bindings.
  • Improved core/front end interface for content scaling.
  • Much improved content caching, both in memory and disc caching.
  • Added a generic hashmap, used by the disc cache code.
  • Fetcher improvements for robustness and performance.
  • Updated JavaScript engine to Duktape 2.4.0.
  • Improved handling of aborted fetches.
  • Improved integration testing with framework built around monkey front end.
  • Improvements to monkey front end to make testing more extensive and reliable.
  • Minor HTML form improvements.
  • Minor HTML handler optimisations.
  • Fixes to HTML handler for robustness.
  • Refactoring generation of about: pages.
  • Fixed save complete not to save multiple copies of the same files.
  • Change how animated GIFs are rate-limited to be in line with other browsers.
  • Added a page info core window.
  • Clamping screen DPI to a sensible range.
  • Initial work towards supporting HTML5 canvas element.
  • Various treeview fixes.
  • Hubbub library 0.3.7 (HTML parser):
    • Minor code quality improvements.
    • Fixes for some HTML5 element handling.
  • LibCSS library 0.9.1 (CSS parser and selection engine):
    • Fixed a problem in the parsing of invalid media blocks.
    • Minor code quality improvements.
  • LibDOM library 0.4.1 (Document Object Model):
    • Improved HTML TextArea element handling.
    • Fix SubtreeModified event to be fired after updating attribute values.
    • Support finalising the namespace strings.
    • Basic support for keypress events.
    • Improvements to event dispatch event lifetime handling.
    • Support for InnerHTML.
    • Added support for HTMLCanvasElement.
    • Minor code quality improvements.
    • Fixed HTMLElement property setters.
    • Fixed HTMLTitleElement text getter/setter.
  • LibNSBMP library 0.1.6 (BMP support):
    • Minor code quality improvements.
  • LibNSLog library 0.1.3 (Filterable logging):
    • Added support for short log level names.
  • LibWapcaplet library 0.4.3 (String internment):
    • Free global context if no strings leak.
    • Enabled build with toolchains that don't support statement expressions.
  • Also included are many smaller bug fixes, improvements and documentation enhancements.

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