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Generation Amiga (Webseite)

Amiga-Emulator für Mac OS: vAmiga 0.9.10
Dirk Hoffmanns "vAmiga" ist ein neuer, "benutzerfreundlicher" (Zitat von der offiziellen Webseite) Amiga-Emulator für MacOS-Rechner, der einen A500, A1000 oder A2000 emuliert. Änderungen seit unserer letzten Meldung:
  • Added support for .zip and .gz files.
  • The VERTB interrupt fired one cycle too late (Pygmy Projects - Extension demo)
  • ECS Agnus failed if bitplane DMA was enabled in the middle of a raster line (Ghosttown - SushiBoyz).
  • Denise is emulated correctly now if both the HAM bit and the DPF bit are set.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused disk DMA to be switched on too early.
  • Fixed a bug in the TOD clock initialization code (Blast From The Past).
  • Registers JOY0DAT and JOY1DAT returned wrong values if no mouse was connected.
  • The CHK instruction didn’t work correctly with negative bounds.
  • Fixed the operand write order of the CLR instruction.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the Copper to write into BPLxDAT.
  • Added support for the Ricoh real-time clock.
  • Added support for the ADZ and DMS file formats.
  • vAmiga can load some encrypted Cloanto Roms now (a rom.key file is required).
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to load snapshots if no default Rom was specified.
  • Fixed a timing issue affecting shift instructions in byte addressing mode.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed bitplane DMA to happen even if DDFSTRT was never hit.
  • Writes to pointer registers may be dropped if DMA is in progress (Plasma Force - New stuff).

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