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AmigaOS 4: MediaVault 1.3.0
MediaVault ist eine Open Source Desktopanwendung für AmigaOS 4, mit deren Hilfe man Online-Radiostationen streamen kann. Dafür wird ein externer Abspieler wie AmigaAmp und die jansson.library v2.12.1 benötigt. Änderungen der Version 1.3.0:
  • Added
    • Added right sidebar with station info and avatar image, wherever the image is available
    • Added a new menu item to check for newer versions and start a selfupdate, if the user approves it. There is a way to see the latest changes before update.
    • Added a new message in case the "Discover More" button is clicked and no more stations were found
  • Fixed
    • Now the radio list is cleared if the search criteria change and no radio stations are found
    • Now the list is not cleared if the "Discover More" button is clicked and no more stations were found
    • Fixed a possible crash on window closing
  • Changed
    • Dropped oo.library network support for libcurl, which more mature and has a lot more options and features. Unfortunately that increased the executable size a lot.
    • Now oo.library and AmiSSL are not required
    • Fixed the version string to include the application name
    • Added a play button at the right sidebar which is enabled as soon as the user selects a radio station. By clicking it the radio will be loaded at the default player. The double click on the radio list was disabled.
    • On every request of radio stations, a list of 100 stations are returned and listed

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