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Mod-Player: HippoPlayer 2.50
Kari-Pekka Koljonen, der Entwickler des Amiga-MOD-Players HippoPlayer, hat heute das Update auf die Version 2.50 veröffentlicht. Die Änderungen:

  • New fixes:
    • There was a bug in the sample player (which also plays MP3) in AHI compatibility. It could hang when playback was stopped. This happened especially when using AHI with the Toccata driver. Should work now.
    • Another different possible AHI related hang bug fixed which could happen when pausing playback.
    • When the play mode was set to "List repeatedly" and the list was full of dividers (a.k.a. directories), Hippo could get stuck trying to find a module to be played. This should be fixed now.
    • Possible hang/crash bug (related to a stray audio interrupt) fixed in Ben Daglish and Kris Hatlelid formats.
  • New supported music formats:
    • Impulse Tracker, using the "Impulse" deliplayer, written by the Delirium team for DeliTracker.
    • Impulse plays IT formats v1.00 and v2.00. Newer formats are not supported.
    • Impulse supports pattern skip forwards and back, along with song end detection. Song position display is not supported.
    • 32 channels are in use in all modules. This is due to the way IT modules work, channels are used dynamically according to whatever is needed at the moment.
    • Modules can be played using the PS3M mixing engine or AHI.
    • Stereo scope works with PS3M.
    • Channel panning is not supported, each channel has a fixed stereo position.
    • Requires 68020 or better.
    • Impulse is not included in the file, so Hippo will look for it in the following places: "PROGDIR:", "PROGDIR:eagleplayers", "eagleplayer2:eagleplayers". Here "PROGDIR:" is the directory where the Hippo binary is installed.
    • Impulse can be found in the Aminet DeliTracker archive.
  • New features:
    • There is a new list mode which can be toggled by the button on top of the file slider: file browser. The list modes now are:
      • Playlist (list icon)
      • Favorites (heart icon)
      • File browser (disk icon)
    • File browser mode:
      • In this mode the list displays contents of directories.
      • Directories are entered by the "Play" button, return/enter key, or LMB double click. (Note that double click can be enabled/disabled in Prefs.)
      • The topmost list item shows the name of the displayed directory. Activating it goes back to the parent directory.
      • Files are filtered using the configured match pattern, see "Prefs/Loading/File Match Pattern" (kick2.0+ only).
      • If you have enabled "Keep list on exit", Hippo will return to the directory where you left off if you were in the file browser mode when exiting.
    • New keyboard shortcuts:
      • List mode toggle: [SHIFT+M]
      • Navigate to parent in file browser: [BACKSPACE]
  • New ARexx commands (for HippoPlayerIR support):
    • TOGGLEMODE: change between list modes
    • FAVORITE: toggle chosen module favorite status

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