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Programmiersprache: Amiga C/C++ Visual Studio Code Extension 1.6.1
'Bartman', Mitglied der Demogruppe 'Abyss', liefert mit 'amiga-debug' eine 'Visual Studio Code'-Extension aus einer Hand zum Kompilieren, Debuggen und Profilieren von Amiga C/C++-Programmen, die mit gcc 11.2 und WinUAE kompiliert wurden (YouTube-Video). Heute wurden die Versionen 1.6.0 und 1.6.1 mit folgenden Änderungen veröffentlicht:
  • NEW: icons for .uss, .amigaprofile, .shrinklerstats, .objdump
  • FIX: fix memory content for multi-frame captures (was wrong after frame 1)
  • FIX: screen: center reference screenshot (probably still wrong)
  • CHG: screen: zoom panel size, clipping
  • NEW: screen: show bitplane pointers
  • CHG: screen: improve performance by 40%
  • NEW: screen: mouse click&drag to set time
  • NEW: screen: Freeze frame to visualize drawing (+ Memory overlay)
  • CHG: profiler: improve loading performance by >1000%
  • CHG: profiler: multi-frame captures are now loaded in the background for faster startup time
  • CHG: savestate: show progress bar during profiling
  • NEW: Amiga: Clean Temp Files to delete .amigaprofile files from your temp path.
  • FIX: the terminal didn't re-open once closed
  • FIX: disassembly: fix divul, divsl, FPU, fmoveml (see 68k-dis.ts)
  • FIX: #128 Can't use the image converter link
  • FIX: #129 Screen and Resources tabs have no scroll bars so I can't see the bottom of a tall image
  • FIX: improved behavior of jumping from assembly to source (still sometimes the source window disappears)
  • NEW: update to latest WinUAE
  • FIX: screen: freeze frame memory was wrong
  • FIX: resource: possibly very slow performance when using Copper Palette

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