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Amiga-Emulator: Amiberry 5.4
Amiberry ist ein Amiga-Emulator für ARM-basierte Ein-Chip-Systeme wie den Raspberry Pi, das Odroid XU4 oder das Tinkerboard von ASUS, der einige neu entwickelte Eigenschaften wie einen "WHDLoad-Booter" oder die Unterstützung für Controller-Konfiguration mittels RetroArch mitbringt und zum Beispiel in der Workbench-Distribution AmiKit für den Raspberry Pi 4/400 zum Einsatz kommt.

Vor wenigen Augenblicken wurde die Version 5.4 mit folgenden Änderungen veröffentlicht:

  • whdbooter settings were not all parsed correctly
  • Fix CD audio not resuming after unminimize
  • 32bit to 64bit clock counter missing update
  • fixed macOS compile errors regarding uaeserial
  • always use mouse 0 for mice, until SDL2 supports > 1 system mouse
  • settings from XML db were not always parsed correctly
  • fixed flickering in native modes when Fast copper was enabled
  • copy all prefs when doing a hard reset
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Hard reset CPU startup was not identical to initial power up
  • WHDbooter game paths with commas would not work
  • implemented Screenshot to file custom event
  • Added the possibility to compile with a version of GCC older than 8.0
  • P96 - Implement all previously implemented blitter operations
  • Save also MSM6242B RTC model control registers to RTC file
  • added uaeserial implementation from dev
  • merged OpenGL experimental version from dev
  • Make sure hardware emulated RTG boards don't have barrier at the start of VRAM space to fully support JIT direct
  • merged CIA rewrite from dev
  • Optimize compiler code generation for 'strlen()'
  • Fix disk read handling when attempting to read from non-selected drive
  • use double fields line mode by default
  • brought statusline drawing closer to WinUAE method
  • moved variable closer to scope
  • minor sync from dev branch
  • removed obsolete variables
  • merge diffs from dev into master
  • bring custom chip emulation closer to WinUAE
  • synced gfxboard.h with dev

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