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Programmiersprache: AmiBlitz 3.9.9
Soeben wurde die Version 3.9.9 der Programmiersprache AmiBlitz veröffentlicht. Änderungen:

changes in project::
  • updated documentation
  • updated examples drawer
  • re-added serveral resident sourcefiles of BB2 for later improvement
  • added disassembled source code for blitzlibs animlib, iffiolib, ilbmifflib
  • added several StormWizard-demos made by @mdbergmann
  • moved commands GetD0, PutD0, GetRegD0, PushD0 from wzlib to environlib (wzlib needs at least OS2 so use of these commands prevented the executable to be working with an older OS
  • reduced memory consumption for string in PED
  • changed scroll size to 1 character when scrolling left or right
  • changed behaviour of marked blocks, they behave now like blocks in other editors
  • removed dependency of fontlib for diskfontlib when using ROM-font, so diskfont.library is not needed anymore if topaz is used!
  • new function win windowslib: WindowIsOpen(win#) returns True if the window with given number is opened
  • fixed several broken OS-functioncalls in PED and compiler that could lead to a crash
  • fixed crash of PED when source code contains TAB-characters
  • fixed crash when using HELP-key on certain macro names
  • fixed some display problems with cursor when blinking is turned off
  • fixed some display problems when scrolling source from outside the window
  • fixed seldom display problems with highlighting of statement names
  • fixed multiple redraws of source window at resize of window
  • fixed configuration: state of intellisense option was not parsed correctly
  • fixed: if a source file was "saved as", the new filename was not shown in tab title
  • fixed: crash when saving as plain text

Download: AmiBlitz399.lha (10 MB) (dr)

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