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Pierre-Alexandre (Mail)

Lionheart Remake: Version 1.30 der Javaumsetzung von Lionheart
Byron 3D Games Studio hat die Version 1.3.0 der Javaumsetzung des Amigaspiels Lionheart für Windows, Linux, macOS und Android veröffentlicht ( berichtete). Die Änderungen:

  • New game menu
  • New game modes (Story, Training, Speedrun, Battle, Coop)
  • Local multiplayer (up to 4 players split screen)
  • Stage progress save and load
  • Alternative player attack gameplay with more trivial feeling
  • Start game without launcher with custom configuration
  • Automatic desktop resolution by default
  • Portuguese language
  • Italian language
  • Language automatically detected
  • Android left analog stick
  • Android Menu navigation with dpad and x button
  • Android UI overlay hidden when controller is connected
  • Android automatic screen ratio
  • Android 5 compatible
  • In game zoom-in zoom-out
  • Water flickering option
  • More cheats and access to all stages set
  • JAR signature
  • Filters performance improved and quality increased
  • Joystick 2 buttons mode working
  • Music on MacOS
  • Swamp Flower explode effect position incorrect
  • AncientTown executioner wall can be crossed with attack jump
  • AncientTown corrupted Veteran stage 6
  • Lava FloaterCube hit force too low
  • Airship road invalid on zoom
  • Airship catapult projectile missing respawn
  • Airship wall can be crossed on top of ground
  • Dragonfly monsters hit interrupts movement
  • Dragonfly Dragon fire time invalid
  • Dragonfly bullet destroyed on collide on bomb explode
  • Dragonfly Original stage duplicated Bomb location
  • Dragonfly boss invalid head
  • Tower Rotating length a little bit too short
  • Norka first boss body collision missing on attack
  • Norka second boss wrong collision and bullet hit
  • Stages and Boss not reloaded on respawn
  • Weird gameplay on player Hurt transition
  • RotatingPlatformControlled invalid behavior
  • Monsters falling on killed must be always updated
  • Bullet destroy on ground hit box not large enough
  • Movement clamped to zero when changing direction on jump
  • Android liana cut crash
  • Sfx audio bad rendering and latency on Linux
  • Antivirus detections on "Lionheart Remake.exe"
  • Memory leak on State changes

Auf der Homepage des Spiels ist ebenso ein neues Teaser-Video verfügbar. (dr)

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