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Modul-Player: NostalgicPlayer 2.1.0 für Windows
NostalgicPlayer ist ein Programm zum Abspielen von Amiga-Musikmodulateien unter Windows, das auf dem APlayer basiert. Die Entwicklung des Abspielers hatte der Autor Thomas Neumann 1993 auf dem Amiga begonnen, später auf BeOS und nun unter Windows fortgeführt ( berichtete). Änderungen der Version 2.1.0:
  • Some synthesis sounds in StarTrekker did not play.
  • Made the SidSongLength reader in SidPlay more robust for syntax errors in the file.
  • When some agents was marked as disabled in the settings, they was not disabled again the next time NostalgicPlayer starts.
  • If double buffering is on and you have the settings open and showing either Formats or Players tab, then the previous module agents will not be black again when NostalgicPlayer automatically switch to the next module.
  • The sample visualizers, e.g. Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer, only shows 20 ms of sample data each frame. The audio core output agent have a latency of 200 ms, which means the visualizers only show the last 20 ms. That could be visible sometimes, depending on the music playing. Now the audio core agent latency has been decreased to 20 ms, so all samples are visible in the visualizers now. If you experience that the sound stutters and you do not mind the scopes are not that precisely, you can try to increase the latency in the Core Audio settings.
  • Added new option in the Core Audio output agent to set the latency between 20 and 200 ms.
  • Can now show pictures if available in the module information window. The following formats supports this at the moment: MP3, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC.
  • Wrote my own control to display comments and lyrics in the module information window. Now each line is right under each other and special characters are displayed correctly. This makes graphics made in e.g. comments look as they should.
  • Moved some of the options in the settings window into its own Modules tab.
  • Added a new option telling the order on how to activate tabs in Module Information window.
  • Updated libFLAC to version 1.4.3, which now support 32-bit formats for both decoding and encoding.
  • Updated Ancient to version 2.1.1.
  • Updated NAudio to version 2.2.0.
  • Updated SharpCompress to version 0.34.0.
  • Added these new module formats: Audio Sculpture and OggMod.
  • Added Xmp player, which uses the libXmp library. Then moved these formats from MikMod to Xmp, which should play them more correctly: Asylum, Composer 669, Digital Sound And Music Interface, Digital Sound Interface Kit, Farandole Composer, FastTracker II, General DigiMusic, Imago Orpheus, Impulse Tracker, Scream Tracker 2, Scream Tracker 3, Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit, UltraTracker, Unis 669 and Unreal Music File.
  • Renamed Asylum to Asylum Music Format.
  • Renamed Unreal Music File to Epic Games UMX.
  • Renamed Digital Sound Interface Kit to Digital Sound Interface Kit RIFF.
  • Removed MikMod converter and player. This also removes support for UniMod modules. They couldn't be played correctly anyway, so I guess no harm is done by that.
Ein Installationsarchiv findet sich im Microsoft Store. (dr)

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