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HxC Floppy-Emulator: Software V2.15.1.2
Der Floppy-Emulator HxC von Jean-Francois Del Nero ersetzt vollständig das Diskettenlaufwerk (eines Amigas) durch ein elektronisches Gerät. Das im Jahr 2006 gestartete Projekt ist in zwei Ausführungen verfügbar, mit SD-Karte-Anschluss oder mit USB-Anschluss ( berichtete).

Nun wurde eine neue Version der HxC Floppy Emulator Software veröffentlicht. Die Änderungen:
  • Many fixes and improvements into the flux stream management :
    • One revolution only / 2 indexes support fixed.
    • Fix stream files formats export : No more glitch after the first revolution index. (Fix SCP and KF export).
    • Sectors recovery support - Can be disabled/enabled with the FLUXSTREAM_SECTORS_RECOVERY variable. This feature try to automatically recover/fix bad sectors with copies present in others stream revolutions.
    • Default pulses timing jitter tolerance increased from 10% to 14% (Config file).
  • Kryoflux writer : stream to stream conversion : Don't align output stream to the next index.
  • SCP writer : stream to stream conversion : Don't align output stream to the next index.
  • SCP loader : Fix singled-sided images support (Fix the number of tracks/cylinder).
  • SCP loader : Fix broken support of SCP images with more than 5 revolutions.
  • SCP loader : Fix odd number of tracks + double step mode issue (Last track missing).
  • Logic analyzer capture loader : nameTT.S.logicbin8bits file name convention support. (TT=track S=side)
  • New XML format : MC50/MC300/MC500 formats and empty data disk.
  • New XML format : Sharp X68000 2HD disk.
  • Track display : Fix possible infinite loop : check the bitrate value and stop + report if needed.
  • HFEv3 loader : Support RAND_OPCODE right after SKIPBITS_OPCODE.
  • New X68000 DIM file image loader.
  • New Apple II 2MG file image loader. (WIP - To be completed)
  • XML raw loader : Fix images last sector loading.
  • Track editor : New "insert" and "remove" track operations.
  • HFE writers : New "HFE_WRITER_WRITENOTALLOWED" parameter : Set it to 1 to write protect the exported hfe files.
  • HxC stream (Pauline) : Auto detect and load properly hard-sectored dumps.
  • D88 loader : Fix possible infinite loop with corrupted image.
  • Batch converter : New BATCHCONVERT_KEEP_SOURCE_FILE_NAME_EXTENSION setting to enable/disable the source file extension to the output file name.
  • BMP export : New Stream tracks mode export.
  • User interface : Save and restore previous state (WIP, Done : batch converter window)
  • NSI Northstar : Some index timings and formats fixes.
  • macOS : Better CAPSlib/ipf lib support. (Renaud Guérin)
  • New track format : Centurion MFM. (Rick Altherr)
  • Code : gcc's -fanalyzer used against the libhxcfe library : Many possible issues fixed !
  • Many internal code improvements and fixes.

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