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03.05.14 • AmiGBG 2014 • Gothenburg (Sweden)
03.05.-04.05.14 • Vintage Computer Festival Europe • Munich (Germany)
23.05.-25.05.14 • Alternatives Computer Meeting • Wolfsburg (Germany)
12.09.-14.09.14 • XzentriX • Starnberger See (Germany)

Phénix Noir Recordings (ANF)

Music: New album by Blue Metal Rose to be released April 15
At the title link a (german) video announces the new album "Spreading the seed" by Blue Metal Rose. In the video also Chris Hülsbeck can be seen shortly, who provided a remix of the song "Feel you" to the album. (snx)

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Full versions as download: Lazarus, Erik, Game Smith DevSys, GASAL
At, some full versions have been made available for download again: Additional to the games Erik und Lazarus, the "Game Smith Development System" as well as the "Graphic and Sound Animation Language" (GASAL) are available. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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01.Apr.2014 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: RadeonHD-driver 1.0
A-EON has released an update of the commercial graphic board driver for RadeonHD which is developed by Hans de Ruiter. According to the producer, the driver has no longer beta status. It is not known, whether there are any changes since the release of version 1.0 RC2. more... (cg/dr)

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Amigatronics (ANF)

Podcast: Amigatronics 1x05 Sharkniac (spanish)
Amigatronics is a spanish podcast including news, hard- and software tests and reports on events as well as demos. Furthermore, also other platforms and retro games are covered. Part of the team are scene groups like Ozone, Batman Group, La SeKTa, AmigaStore and Amigamers. (snx)

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31.Mar.2014 (Forum)

Linux: Kernel 3.14 for Sam4x0 boards and AmigaOne X1000
Following a couple of release candidates, also the final version of the Linux kernel 3.14 is available for AmigaOne X1000 as well as the PowerPC boards Sam440ep and Sam460ex (including the Flex and Lite variants).

vmlinux-3.14.0-AmigaOneX1000.tar.bz2 (7 MB)
Sam440ep-3.14.0.tar.gz (11 MB)
Sam460ex-3.14.0.tar.gz (11 MB) (snx)

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31.Mar.2014 (Webseite)

Card game: Ace of Hearts on CD (AmigaOS 4/MorphOS)
"Ace of Hearts - Casino Poker" was released at the beginning of the year and is a simulation of a poker machine. Now you can order the game from Alinea on CD as well. The "Collector's edition" includes all versions of the game (AmigaOS 4.1, MorphOS, Windows, OS X). (cg) (Translation: dr)

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