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Gary Peake on Team Amiga-ML

AmigaOne Discussion Board Remains Open
On November 24th, reported that Amiga Inc.'s AmigaOne discussion board will be closed on December 1st. The reason was a huge number of insults which were published there.

On November 28th, Gary Peake of Amiga Inc. has announced in the Team Amiga mailing list that the AmigaOne discussions won't be closed. He doesn't know where the remark originated from, at least it didn't come from Amiga.

So the discussion board can still be accessed, but now only for registered users, which wasn't explicitly mentioned by Gary Peake.

If anyone asks, we are NOT closing the AmigaOne forums on
Somebody must have been playing on their Momma's computer and got loose and posted that remark.
It did NOT come from us. [...] (Gary Peake)
(unk) (Translation: unk)

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