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Jan Devos via eMail

3ivx, Ready for Global Television!
The video compression format '3ivX' is now officially implemented in MooVId and SoftCinema. At the request of a reader here a link to a 3ivX test-movies page.

Following the complete press release:
January 29, 2001- Happy Machines releases the second preview of their next generation video compression technology called 3ivx. Small file size and high quality video is one part of the 3ivx advantages, the other one is the truly multi-platform nature. This is great for video conferencing, video-on-demand, broadband content providing, interactive television but also for UMTS (or G3 mobile phones) implementations.

True mutli-platform support means that it is available for

Windows: Windows Media Player plug-in or QuickTime plug-in
MacOS: QuickTime plug-in
Linux (x86, PPC) & Solaris: XAnim
BeOS: Media Player plug-in
Amiga: WarpUP (MooVId for 68k & PPC) and PowerUP (SoftCinema)

The decoder is available on the site right now. For the moment, however, the encoder is reserved for 3ivx partners.

"Quality and multi-platform is one thing, but particularly important for the movie studios is encryption, watermarking and Digital Rights Management" said Jan Devos, President of Happy Machines. "That's why we made sure our 3ivx codec is standard compatible with most of the encryption and DRM systems available"

"I was amazed by the quality" explained Mr. Alan Redhouse, Chairman of the Eyetech Group. "That's why we are bundling this codec with our next generation AmigaOne hardware".

The current release is 5 to 20% better than the most efficient codecs out there. In comparison with MPEG-2 that means a ratio of 1:12 while near DVD quality. This indicates that the 3ivx video codec, while still in development, is already one of the best. There is a lot of interest in such a high performance codec. The 3 million page views on the web-site after the first preview release in December show that very well.

Happy Machines also referred to as the Think-Tank is a small Belgian company representing an extremely creative team and a large international network of inventors, software and hardware developers, designers in various fields such as imaging, satellite communications, artificial intelligence, machinery etc., which has contacts with top-manufacturers worldwide. The company is also member of the MPEG-group and is an Inmarsat partner. It is orientated on project development and related intellectual properties.

Press Contact:
Happy Machines

2001 Happy Machines n.v.
3ivx is an international trademark
Jan Devos - Happy Machines n.v. - ICQ:4477062

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