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Mennosto via E-Mail

PC MP3-Player 'Sonique' Planned for AmigaDE
Sonique is an audio player often used on PCs. According to the current Sonique newsletter it is planned to port version 2 - which is under development at the time being - to as much platforms as possible. The interesting thing in this is the AmigaDE being mentioned, too. Further details can be taken form the Sonique 2 FAQ.

This is from the Sonique newsletter, (sonique as you may
know is a rather good MP3-player on the PC)



As promised, this issue is a special update on the
current state of Sonique 2.  Things are progressing
very well and we're wetting ourselves several times
a day from sheer excitement. We have to keep the
entire office covered in plastic.  We've got webvan
delivering rubber pants and huggies directly to our
workstations. Yup, Sonique 2 is really that cool.

(stuff about sonique 2 deleted)


You are probably wondering just what this Sonique 2
thing is really all about.  How is it different than
Sonique 1?  Why should you even care?  Well, first
off, let's talk about the number 2.  The "2" in
Sonique 2 is really less about Sonique VERSION 2.0
and more about Sonique 2, THE SEQUEL.  Sonique 2 is
not just another upgrade of the same old tired software.
No No NO! Sonique 2 is completely different.  Sonique 2
has been in development for over 2 years and shares almost
no code with Sonique 1.  It is based on entirely new
ultra-swoobtastic(tm) technology.  Audio system,
GUI engine, Skinning system, plugin architecture,
visual system, all sparkling new!  Even has that great
"new software" smell.


Sonique 2 is based on some very nifty technology that
Andrew, Nicholas, and the rest of the Sonique coders
have been developing for the last year called MANTIS.
MANTIS serves two important functions: First, it separates
GUI design from application development, allowing designers
and programmers to work separately on the same app, freeing
designers from the need to program and programmers from the
the need to do GUI design (they hate that).  Second, it
provides an extremely powerful environment for creating and
operating real-time GUI interfaces.  Animation, effects,
layering, font rendering, menu systems, and just about
everything else are handled by MANTIS, giving the GUI
designer supreme control over the look and feel of their
app.  Want to make a fully animated semi-transparent free
floating dockable custom menu with flames shooting out of it?
Want it in 200 languages? MANTIS can do that for you...


MANTIS is not the only booty-slappin' body rockin' trick up
our sleeve.  There's also the new audio system.  It features
24 bit audio (just like professional studio gear), support
for DSP effects chains, can easily handle just about any file
format, and is faster than fast.

The plugin system is flexible and powerful.  There are
really no limitations to what you can do.  Plugins can take
advantage of MANTIS and integrate seamlessly. We expect a lot
of really interesting plugins to be developed for Sonique 2.

This is going to be amazing...

(stuff about skins removed)


Sonique 2 is very portable.  We designed it to be from the

Expect Sonique 2 for Windows 9x, ME, NT4, 2K, XP as well as
Mac OSX,

Linux, BeOS, and AmigaDE


Yes, Sonique 1.x Skins and Visuals will work with Sonique 2..


If you have questions about Sonique 2, ask them in the forum
We will go through the threads in the forum every so often
and move common questions onto the FAQ.

The answers that you seek are often available from other users
or Team Sonique members themselves.  We prefer communicating
in the forum to receiving tons of email.  We get enough email
as it is.


Sonique 2 is something everyone at Team Sonique cares about
deeply.  We're sure that you are going to love it.  We
certainly do...


If you have business related questions about Mantis or Sonique2,
please contact our business development staff at 0000,8000,0000 or call 415-276-3940.

I hope this is of intrest to you,

Bye M Stormink.

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