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05.May 2001
Achim Stegemann on ANF

Digital Almanac III - Update and News
There's again an update of the astronomical program ´Digital Almanac III´ with new features and improvements. The new version is numbered 3.3.

Highlights this time are:
  • Calculation of "Killer asteroids" (so called PHAs). Who comes nearest to the earth?
  • IFF ANIM compression now also in the PPC mode. For animations and pictures only the actual star map is saved, not the whole screen anymore.
  • Extended toolbar with buttons in the GlowIcon style by Martin Merz.
  • The DA III screen has now a name, so that some commodities (for example MCP) can access it. With a new menu item you can now fade in the screen bar with depth gadget.
  • The ways of several small bodies was drawn wrong because of a false Perihel calculation.
  • The printout was unfortunately distorted since several versions. This error was unfortunately discovered just now.
As usual, the update will be sent to all registered users via email.

Remarks to WinUAE and MorphOS:
DA III runs perfectly under the new WinUAE JIT version in the 020/FPU mode. Under older UAE versions (for example: Cloanto's latest version in the AmigaForever v4) DA III is only usable with the non-FPU version in the pure 020 mode, as the FPU emulation here is still buggy. DA III in all versions does not run under MorphOS. It seems that not all FPU instructions are correctly emulated. Only the 020 version runs with restrictions. A special MorphOS version will definitely not happen. When the WarpOS version of DA III runs stable under MorphOS, a special MorphOS version becomes unnecessary.

PC port?
DA III won't be ported to Windows, Linux or another OS. Previous requests for such a port had unfortunately to be refused. DA III is and keeps an Amiga program. Especially under Windows there's a big number of similar programs of high value. (ps)

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