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05.May 2001
Olaf Köbnik via E-Mail

Amiga Arena: Special Price for VideoEasel
In co-operation with Thomas Richter Amiga Arena makes VideoEasel available at a special price. The special price is valid until the 31.06.2001. You can find the special price campaign in the section "Aktionen"!

About VideoEasel:
It is tricky to describe this program, it's best described as a "mathematical toy", entertainment on the highest level.

Maybe Conway's "Game of Life" is known, a cellular automaton that can be used to imitate "biological looking" processes. At its time this "game" went through the press, with its variations. Indeed VE can deal yet more; things like the kinetic gas theory, oscillating chemical reactions, simulated circuits, diffusion processes and more can be simulated. Own automatons can be developed, VE is programmable.

The idea is simple: the screen is divided in cells (the screen pixels), the condition of a grid pixel at the time t+1 then depends on the condition of the cell itself and their neighborhood at the time t via a simple (programmable) rule. You can here already simulate very complex processes with very simple rules, and the results aren't always easily predictable. some of the automatons have serious applications and are used as models in the statical physics ( grid gas, Ising model of the ferromagnetism), partly it's just an interesting toy (Game of Life, Brian's Brain, many more).

VE comes with a manual that contains several dozens experiments next to example data starting points. Just test out the demo version. Further information can be found at Thor Software. (ps)

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