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Marco Miljak (Horst Hug, via E-Mail) (ANF)

SmartBoy with AmigaOS isn
Earlier this year announced the company Thendic GmbH the SmartBoy, a new handheld terminal that should be equipped with AmigaDE. Since then nothing had happened and the company was silent. Today I got (finally) the answer from Horst Hug, who's working for Thendic, via email in which he wrote about the SmartBoy as follows:

  • The SmartBoy is indeed in development.
  • Pictures of the device can be accessed from the company's website (title link) under "Entwickler".
  • In the B2B version (Business-to-Business) the SmartBoy will be equipped with Windows CE 3.0.
  • In the B2C version (Business-to-Consumer) the SmartBoy may be equipped with the AmigaDE, at the moment we are testing the available software, at the end of the year a decision will be made.
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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