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Christian Effenberger (ANF)

3CaDo: Extraction, Preparation and Creation of Video-, Audio- und Data-CDRs
3CaDo is a program pack that is still under development. The software concerns itself with the extraction, preparation and creation of video-, audio- und data-CDRs.

ViCaDo (Video-Can-Do) is in the betaphase. More information is available right here (German.)

AiCaDo (Audio-Can-Do) is in the alphaphase.

DiCaDo (Data-Can-Do) is in the alphaphase.

In the course of working on this program pack a couple of small, helpful tools were created, and I don't wish to keep them from Amiga users.

GetMpegInfo can provide information about mpeg streams.(Video-, Audio- und System-Streams). With shell- and Workbench-versions.

GetAudioInfo is helpful with providing Audio-Information (16SV, 8SVX, AIFC, AIFF, AU/SND, MAESTRO, MAUD, MP1/2/3, VOC, WAVE). With shell- and Workbench-versions. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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