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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena - Full version of "Samba Partie AGA/ECS" and redesign
With the approval of Jo Seitz (Sayonara Software), Amiga Arena enabled the release of the full version of the football manager "Samba Partie AGA/ECS".

This is the first part of the "Samba" series. Besides lots of other features, the football manager also has an action part where you can actively play with your team.

Amiga Arena has been allowed to release further games by "Sayonara Software" in the future. Yet, for this we need your help, as we don't have all games at our disposal!

We are looking for the following software items:

  • Diego - Football manager
  • WHLM - Ice Hockey manager
  • Samba Partie prof. - Football manager with action part
  • Travel-Manager - Travel simulation
  • Hollywood Pictures - Manager
  • Samba World Cup - Football manager with action part
Please contact: Olaf Köbnik.

Amiga Arena - "Full version" redesign
The Amiga Arena Full versions have been divided into new areas. Besides the familiar download facilities for commercial software and shareware programs, the areas have been restructured, and with "Applaud Software", "Sayonara Software" and "Vulcan Software" three new areas have been added.

Here you will be able to find - apart from the well-known games of the software houses - level codes, cheats, screenshots as well as reviews of the products. Furthermore, we are looking for the game "DNA" by "Applaud Software"! Have fun with our offerings! Amiga Arena. (ps) (Translation: cb)

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