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Vinnny (E-Mail)

Audio Player: AmigaAMP Final-Version 2.9
After Thomas Wenzel got his PPC running again, he compiled the final version (2.9) of AmigaAMP and offered it as freeware. Why? He doesn't have a lot of time to develop it more, and at any rate doesn't have time to support it. Bug reports und suggestions may be emailed but chances are they won't be answered..

Further Mr. Wenzel is making it known that the old mailing list (the one on MajorDomo) is being deactivated so no spam will be emailed through it. In the place of the mailing list a web-based forum will be opened, in a short while.

AmigaAMP is an audio player with a graphic user-interface. The mpega.library is used to decode on the 68K processors. The PPC version uses the AMP decoder. Furthermore the sndfile.library allows the playing of AIFF, WAV und 8SVX files. Sound is output successfully over the AHI Audio System.

  • AmigaOS 3.0 or higher
  • 68030-50MHz Processor or better
  • mpega.library (Aminet:util/libs/mpega_library.lha)
  • asyncio.library (Aminet:dev/c/AsyncIO.lha)
  • AHI audio system (Aminet:mus/misc/ahiusr.lha)

Download: AmigaAMP29.lha (545 KB) (ps) (Translation: dm)

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