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AmiWest 2002

Event: AmiWest 2002 Information Release #4
Some of you may not be on the Amiga Inc. mailing list, so we have decided to send this Amiga Community message from Bill McEwen to our AmiWest 2002 mailinig list. Our apologies if this is a duplicate.

Notice, as well, that AmiWest 2002 will be the venue for some very important announcements about the new machines and software. Go to lines 311 and 330 in this email (approximately) to see this information. In addition, two other computer companies producing Amiga hardware will be at our show.
So if you haven't made plans yet to attend, it isn't too late. We've just persuaded the Holiday Inn to hold more rooms for us, but only until July 7th. And while you're reserving that room, be sure to send us your check for your show tickets. This helps us to plan for the onslaught better. It's going to be a great show and you should be there to cash in on the great things that are happening. Join us so you can say, "I was there when it was announced!"
And read the following carefully to see what Amiga Inc. is planning for AmiWest 2002. We'll see you at the show!!

Amiga Forever,

Brian Deneen, President
Sacramento Amiga Computer Club
for the AmiWest 2002 Committee

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