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Computer City

Computer City: Amiga keyboards - Cherry Cybo@rd Amiga Edition now available
The Dutch retailer Computer City announces that the Amiga keyboards with Amiga logo can now be delivered after some problems. The product line is called 'Chrerry Cybo@rd Amiga Edition'. Read the original message now.

The 'Cherry Cybo@rd Amiga Edition' keyboard from Computer City
Here is what happened so far:

-We approached Cherry to ask about the possibilities for their Cybo@rd series. They told us they assembled the keys to the keyboards and then 'lasered' the characters onto them. This means a huge qty to buy for each different country layout. The alternative would be for us to order single keycaps, so we (or any other dealer) could order localised versions of the keyboard and replace the keys. They told us that the left and right windows keys were equal (mark 1). The delivery time was to be 6 weeks.
-We ordered them, received them after about 12 weeks (!) and had them printed professionally, with special treatment so they keys wouldn't wear off.

-We received the keys. Remember mark 1? The left and right keys turned out to be different :-(
-We realised we had only left keys so we ordered the right (right) keys as well and had them printed etc. too. This took another 5 weeks or so.
-We got the keys in today and they are available NOW. We are in the proces of stocking the keyboards now, so all pre-orders will be sent out next week and dealers should be able to order and supply either the sets of keycaps or complete keyboards.

For the record; this is a fully official Amiga-licensed product. We have a trademark and logo license with Amiga, inc. and they have approved this design :-)


Computer City - Zebrastraat 7-9 - 3064 LR Rotterdam -
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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