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Pegasos in the Microwave and Three More Bundles
After the successful appearance of Thendic-France and bPlan at the World of Amiga South-East 2002 last Saturday, some new Pegasos-related developments became known. The first four Pegasos-bundles have been determined:
  • The unusual "VideoMicrowave" is a remodeled steel microwave with an LCD display as the door and a Pegasos board on the inside. You'll find information at
  • The "Development Suite" is a developer package for the Pegasos, Eclipsis, and Pegasos server stack.
  • The "Pega-shush" is a home-server for the long-endurance business of integrating with other entertainment electronics. The communications occur over a 802.11b network card.
  • The "Games Package" is an offer especially for friends of good game value. More details will be announced at

On the 16th of November Thendic-France will spend some time in Poland at the Amiga Show 2002, and they are going to bring a bunch of Pegasos equipment to test on the basis of a new ISO installation [new MorphOS version - dm]. This will be the first showing of the Pegasos Wireless Camera with the display software to be seen on an iPAQ (this is just a temporary solution until the Eclipsis prototype is ready). (ps) (Translation: dm)

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