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clickBOOM: S-Files 21 - No Winter Sleep
The Canadian software-developer clickBOOM writes in its new S-Files 21:

"Sorry about the lack of updates recently -- we have been very, very busy. So, without further ado let me debrief you on the latest developments here at clickBOOMville.

Firstly, the interesting thing about our recent work is that it's mostly not game-related! Interested?

Our first and most important project is for a new cell phone web solution that will blow you away. We will be showcasing it to the world by the end of March.

The second project is for a next-generation wireless communications software for a major company, and it's part of a suite of utilities which you might be using in near future if you are going to be surfing the web wirelessly. We are currently under NDA for this project, so there is nothing more we can say until the project is finished and on the market.

"Hey, but what about games?", I hear you asking. Well, as you probably noticed over 3 months ago we had removed links to new Cinemaware games which we were developing at the time. Sadly, due to circumstances beyond our control, back then we had to put on hold development of all Cinemaware games. Unfortunately, as of today the development still hasn't resumed. I will have all the info for you within 48h, I promise.

Development of all our other games is proceeding according to plan." (nba)

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