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BBRV (E-Mail)

CeBIT 2003: Report and photos from Ron van Herk

A short summary of some of the things happening here at CeBIT from Ron van Herk

1. We have nearly finalized our agreement with our new Russian Distributor. MorphOS will have a Russian localisation and will become successful in Russia. Genesi's André Siegel will work as an 'interface' between the new distributor and the developers that need to get this done. Russian programmers interested in assisting this process can receive a fully configured Pegasos in exchange for their work. In the bigger picture, once the Russian localisation is done we will have a model to do the same in other languages and localisations.

2. 3Sat visited Genesi today and shot footage of the Pegasos, the Psylent, MorphOS, etc. We showed MorphOS working with several apps, games and the Internet which they all filmed. The editor, Ralph Benz is a long-time Amiga user and is very enthusiastic! We gave him a bunch of T-Shirts to give to viewers (or to keep for themselves). Not a bad deal for free TV coverage I'd say ;-)

Enclosed are two pics, 1 high-res foto of the desktop case and one of me and Robert Han of Plexuscom with the Psylent.

That's all for now.

Sincerely, Ron (ps)

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