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Jens Schönfeld (ANF)

Events: C-One Release-Party at 4.5.2003
A computer legend is coming back: The C-One. The new edition of the most sold computer of the world (Guinessbook of world records), will publish official at the 4. May 2003 at a release party

The new computer was developed by an American woman: Jeri Ellsworth, 28, started in autumn 2000 with the aim to build the Commodore 64 new with modern equipment. What started as a hobby project, catched the attention of the still activ user groups. Since April 2002 the Aachen firm "individual Computers" gives an activ share at this project. Main things had been changed in narro working together with Jeri Ellsworth, for making the computer more flexible as any computer before.

At the complete new principle "reconfigurable computer" the borders of the austere separation of graphic card,sound card and processor are coming together. The new computer is so flexible that it is able to adapt itself to the programms, which should run on it. To the demonstration nearly all programms could be used, which were written for the legendary C-64, the most sold computer of the world (Guinessbook of world records). The C-One is much more faster and contains about standard interfaces for communication with the world. Modern equipment could be locked at the C-One, but also the peripherals, of the lovely called "Breadbox" computer of the 80s is getting a use.

The firm "invidual Computers" and "Radwar Enterprises" are giving a party at the 04.05.2003 for the C-One. Press and specialists are cordial invited to the cafe Bistro Campus, Markt 25, 52525 Heinsberg. Start is 19:41 o'clock. Entry is free.

Jeri Ellsworth was until 2000 owner of the shops "Computers made easy" on the westcoast of America. She sold the shops for dedicate herself to new business field, the development of an own computer. Also a robbery of an earlier prototype, couldn`t stop her to get her aim. 2 1/2 years after the begin of the project so far as: The C-One is finished - made in Germany

The Aachen firm "invidual Computers" is known for special hardware, also as own development, as development for other firms. Mainly for computer accessoir development, whose name we hadn`t heard for a long time: Amiga. But also for the C 64 an PC products are produced. Jens Schönfeld owner of "invidual Computers" since nine years, sees the C-One as walk in the future and in the past. "With the new technic we can build computers, whose calculating works could be made bigger when it is needed, for example for graphic or music possibilities.

"Radwar Enterprises" started in the middles of the 80s as so called Cracker-Group. Since 1988 parties were organised, which get scene status. The crackers from the past become experts today, who see the C-One as legend from tomorrow. So they decided in honour of the C-One to organise a C-One release party

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