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Aminet uploads until 27.07.2003
These updates or new programs have been uploaded to the Aminet since our last report:
PrintMail1.3.lha     comm/mail   14K+ARexx print YAM e-mail w /header & page
TView.lha            comm/tcp    77K+List TV-programs in Europe.
MakeHTMLMap.lha      comm/www   166K+Create HTML/JS driven language independe
znn_goo7.lha         demo/sound 105K+Multitasking Chippack from zenon, CGFX/A
Brandy.lha           dev/basic  529K+Basic V Interpreter (prerelease)
6581sid-sdk.lha      dev/misc     2K+Unofficial 6581sid.library SDK, StormC s
WolnyCD.lha          disk/cdrom  14K+Better read-spead, quiet working CD. v0.
SaltLakeCity_G.lha   docs/hyper  14K+Results (and more) of 2002 olympic games
ThePolice.lha        docs/hyper  51K+The Police: albums, lyrix, singles +more
smoother.lha         game/gag     9K+Small joke program to "smoothen" your mo
WormWars.lha         game/misc  527K+Worm Wars 7.53: Advanced snake game
ColorBarr.lha        game/wb     37K+Line-up coloured tiles!
Iamdagod.lha         mods/blkha  22K+Techno PT mod by blakkhar
Nummer1.lha          mods/blkha 134K+Techno DBP mod by blakkhar
Ashlexiss.lha        mods/essen 293K+Ashlexiss by Essential Sound www.essent
SongPlayer.lha       mus/play   611K+Cool and powerful audio player V1.60 (68
HollywoodDemo.mpg    pix/mpg     29M+MPEG showing Hollywood's functionality
WW4SE_7fin.lha       text/edit   19K+Wordworth 4SE & 7 Finnish catalogs
froggui_en.lha       util/misc   27K+GUI for FroggerNG
froggui_fr.lha       util/misc   27K+GUI for FroggerNG

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