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Anton Preinsack (ANF)

OS4: News on the progress by Thomas Frieden
In the forum of, Thomas Frieden ("EntilZha") delivered insight into the current version of OS4 or on its progress, respectively. At the same time, a newly integrated feature was announced which - if anything proceeds well - would be shown this weekend as a surprise in France.

The main statements at a glance:

Graphics system:
"We're still working on the graphics system. The originally anticipated 2-3 weeks where of course 2-3 weeks of full-time work, but as always, something else comes your way and you have to rest some work and give priority to other..."

"Things are slowly falling into place now. A lot of people are currently working on AmigaOne drivers (that's one of the biggest projects, anyway). And of course, everybody is still working on bits & pieces. Browsing through the recent upload notification mails on our beta list, I see some new PPC-native datatypes, several bugfixes to existing components (most of them are PPC now), some new PPC modules (not a lot... did I mention that most of them are PPC now, anyway ? I think I have only 4 68k modules remaining on my work installation, one of them graphics.library)."

"One of the new "kernel" related features is a new ramlib (that's the component that is used to bring libraries into memory from disk): You might know that this is a prime candidate for crashing to do flakey library initialisation code. The new ramlib is now multi-threaded, meaning that the opening of libraries will be done in sub-processes. If one of those crashes, it's just removed by the mother process, improving system stability a lot.
Additionally, the latest exec includes a new memory tracking facility: You can now find out for each memory location if it's been allocated at all, and who allocated it. Very useful if you're debugging a program, or want to throw away all memory allocated by a given task." (snx)

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