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Aminet (Website)

Aminet uploads until 2004-06-02
Here, the list of the latest Aminet uploads since our last report:
CygnusEd_4_DE.lha    biz/misc     8K+New German catalog for CygnusEd V4
YahooGpScan1_5.lha   comm/mail    6K+Strips YahooGroup adverts.         V1.5
AmiMSN.lha           comm/tcp    27K+(0.5) Major update. MSN Messenger client
BabelDoc.lha         comm/tcp    38K+Translate docs or strings from one langu
streamer.lha         comm/www   469K+Internet radio MPEG and RealAudio file p
GnS_Spo2Invita.lha   demo/intro 367K+Spoletium2 Ivitation Intro by Genesis
ixemul-inc-bin.lha   dev/gg     1.2M+Include files for ixemul or libnix. V48.
nano.lha             dev/lang   206K+New virtual machine, assembler like lang     dev/lang     4K+Use Amiga Request Choice Gadget with per
adcvt.lha            dev/misc    13K+AutoDocs to HTML converter v0.1
InstallBoot.lha      disk/misc   11K+Install Boot GUI
DiskValid.lha        disk/salv   11K+PFS DiskValid GUI 
ThePolice.lha        docs/hyper  53K+The Police: albums, lyrix, singles +more
d3GNOP.lha           game/misc  3.1M+D3GNOP - THE Pong clone in MiniGL v1.0 (
WormWars.lha         game/misc  541K+Worm Wars 7.8: Advanced snake game
horrorhouseb4.lha    game/shoot 2.9M+New shoot'emup (68000, Wapos, Morphos)
aGibbet.lha          game/think 217K+Game like "Guess Word" with RUS dictiona
Permu.lha            game/wb     36K+Try to match the displayed pattern!
Anim2gif.lha         gfx/conv   177K+Converts and scales an amiga animation t
Gif2anim.lha         gfx/conv   233K+Converts & scales GIF animations to amig
SmartScale.lha       gfx/conv    30K+A CLI/WB program used for gfx conversion
dejong.lha           gfx/fract   67K+De Jong Explorer
ImageFX45txtFR.lha   gfx/ifx     67K+ImageFX 4.5 French interface Text
make_lnx.lha         misc/emu    11K+.LYX to Atari Lynx .LNX file conversion 
rotate.lha           misc/emu     9K+Set the ROTATION flag of any Atari Lynx 
vic-emu-tools.lha    misc/emu    45K+Tools and helpful info for vic-emu 0.65
imdbDiff040514.lha   misc/imdb  2.7M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
imdbDiff040521.lha   misc/imdb  3.9M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
Amoralplay.lha       mus/play   144K+Plays SIDS,OctamedSS,mods,Digibooster et
Ami-Crystal.lha      pix/icon   632K+Ami Crystal first no commercial PNG-Icon
AmiComSys_PNG.lha    pix/icon    21K+PNG-Icon for AmiComSys
Descent2PNG.lha      pix/icon    20K+PNG-Icon for Descent2
scummbubbles.lha     pix/icon   426K+Scumm VM Bubbles in png format
UAEPNG.lha           pix/icon    17K+Replacement PNG-Icon for UAE
Wolfenstein3DP.lha   pix/icon    21K+PNG-Icon for Wolfenstein3D
makeguide2.lha       text/hyper  25K+Create a guide from several small files
makeguide3.lha       text/hyper  48K+Create a guide from several small files
HP_Deskjet400C.lha   text/print  25K+Deskjet 400C/L Driver for WB 40.17
HP_Deskjet870C.lha   text/print  27K+Deskjet 8x0C Driver for WB V40.23
HP_Deskjet900C.lha   text/print  25K+Deskjet 9x0C Driver for WB V40.14
Tree177.lha          util/cli    18K+Lists Directory content tree-like
SteBaseConv.lha      util/conv   62K+Numeric base converter ITA-ENG + source
ExtraLib.lha         util/libs  357K+Dynamic buffers, useful stuff, now FREEW
ACSE.lha             util/misc   23K+ACSE test administration tool
RHzFileChecker.lha   util/wb    119K+Program for identifying file types.
(nba) (Translation: ub)

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