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Jörg Renkert (ANF)

AmiChameleon V1.35 Released
The theme installation program AmiChameleon has reached version 1.35. The following changes have been implemented:
  • After Thilo Köhler reorganized the skins of his ArTKanoid, AmiChameleon was adapted. It now supports the new skins as well as the new sounds.
  • It's immediately possible to have the AmiChameleon server check for certain program updates. Every time AmiChameleon starts (if this feature is activated and you're online) it checks to see if a new version is available from the server and notifies the user accordingly.
  • AmiChameleon is now available in 68k and WarpOS versions.
  • The localization data and installation script have been updated.
AmiChameleon v1.35 is available on the developer's homepage as a free download. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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