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PegXMac: Version 1.4.3 for Pegasos II available / AmigaOne website update
David Bentham's Mac-on-Linux Live-CD PegXMac is now available in version 1.4.3 for Pegasos II. Among other features, support for the operating system version MacOS X 10.4 ("Tiger") has been added.

Furthermore, Jonathan Haddock has updated his PegXMac documentation website for AmigaOne computers.

  • MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger) support added
  • Pciproxy patch added (access PCI devices for MOL through Linux)
  • Web browser (mozilla 1.7.x) added for debugging/general use etc. (local install of PegXMac only)
  • Adjusted 'Report faults with PegXMac' - USB key, mount local FFS partitions to copy logfiles
  • Ipmasq removed and replaced with firehol - Most users have complained that they wish PegXMac to be seamless when booting, to have no NIC setup when booting
  • Test internet/network connection - Test your local connection/internet before running MOL
  • DSL and 56k owners will be pleased to know I have added support
  • Script fixes - Shutdown/Reboot now works correctly when installed to HD
  • Installer scripts (IDE, SCSI and USB) have been improved

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