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Bradd Webb (E-Mail)

Newsletter: Amiga Update #050930
Brad Webb's newsletter "Amiga Update" contains a summary of the more important Amiga related news of the last four weeks. The September issue has now been released:

         _________ ____      _|__ __ __|_______      _________
       __\ _____ \\\\  \_  _/  //___//  _____//______\ _____ \\
      // \\\\  /. \\\\__ \/ __//    \\  \\____.  /// \\\\  /. \\
      \\___\ /___///___\  /___\     \\_________//\\___\ /___//
           \/         \/.  |      |z!o           \/    
               A M I G A      | 050930 |      U P D A T E
        AMIGA and the Amiga logo are trademarks of Amiga, Inc.      

      G U R U   M E D I T A T I O N   &   T R O I K A   J O I N  
 T O T A L   A M I G A   P R I C E S   F O R   U S A ,   C A N A D A

          A M I A T L A S   L O O K I N G   F O R   H E L P 

                 A M I G A   F O R E V E R   2 0 0 5 

         O N Y X S O F T   H A S   3   F O R   A M I G A N S

           B A T T L E   O F   W E S N O T   F O R   O S 4 

         B R O K E N   S W O R D   F O R   A M I G A   O S 4 

    D I G I B O O S T E R   P R O   -   G O O D   A S   B E E R ? 

          W O L N Y C D   -   U N U S U A L   U T I L I T Y 

              A M I G A   A P A C H E   W I T H   C G I

      N E W   E - U A E   D E S P I T E   S A N I T Y   L O S S

Editor's Thoughts and Introduction:

 This has been a rather quiet news month, with few strong stories to 
report. However, sometimes what you lack in quantity you make up for 
in quality. One story in particular is an eye-opener and, we think, 
very important. That would be the entry of a new manufacturer in the 
Amiga One arena. Check out our lead story on the Guru Meditation / 
Troika partnership. Great news!
 Also good news, for those who want to read a paper Amiga magazine in 
the wilds of North America, is the new arrangement announced by 
"Total Amiga" just today. Glad to see this effort undertaken, and 
"kudos" to all involved.
 Hmmmmm. Maybe it wasn't such a quiet news month, after all.
 We hope you enjoy this issue.
 Brad Webb,
 Brad Webb,

     G U R U   M E D I T A T I O N   &   T R O I K A   J O I N 

Gothenburg, Sweden, September 24th, 2005

Guru Meditation and Troika NG are pleased to announce a joint
partnership in creating the next generation AmigaOS 4.0 motherboard.

Ever since Guru Meditation first heard about Troika, they gathered 
every little bit of information about their proposed board. Finally, 
contact was made.

Troika, who greatly respects the business Guru Meditation has built up
in short time, found it very easy to partner with them.

Resources provided by Guru Meditation are now being utilized by 
Troika's project "Prometheus". Troika believes that with the 
additional resources that Guru Meditation is providing they double or 
triple their effective man hours to finish the project faster, and 
thus bring the board to production sooner!

Andreas Loong of Guru Meditation said, "With this injection we hope to
see the board ready and in production earlier than expected. It also
means some interesting possibilities for the future.". He further 
added, "Looking at the specifications and the current shortage of 
hardware in the market spurred us on further, and we believe this will 
be a very nice addition, especially as a developer board. However, 
developer boards doesn't rule out other configurations, and we are 
confident that Troika and Guru Meditation is a winning combination".

Josh B. of TroikaNG commented "Guru Meditation is very well known for
good quality service and support in the AmigaOne Community. We are so
pleased for Guru Meditation to bring additional resources into the
Troika design".

The Amy'05 is a mini-ITX form factor computer based around the PowerPC 
750FX microprocessor. It is intended to be a low cost, legacy free 
system aimed at the embedded/home server market running versions of 
Linux and the Amiga OS4 operating system.

Although modest by modern hardware standards, Amy'05 has been designed 
in such a way as to leverage the highest performance possible with 
enough system throughput to make the best use of the PPC processor. 
The design has very much been balanced for performance and price. 

Guru Meditation & Troika NG

/Guru Meditation/ was formed late 2003 and started off very modestly
as a reseller of Amiga equipment and AmigaOne hardware. In mid 2004 
the decision was made to acquire the rights for Directory Opus to 
bring it back to the Amiga platform as the start of a new program of 
expansion to help kickstart the Amiga market back into life.

/Troika NG/ formed to provide the next generation in PPC computers,
based on the Troika "reference design". The final goal being, the next
generation Amiga at a very reasonable price/performance.

 T O T A L   A M I G A   P R I C E S   F O R   U S A ,   C A N A D A 

30 September, 2005

Total Amiga magazine is happy to announce a reduction of about 25% in 
the cost of a 4 issue subscription posted to the USA or Canada. To 
acheive this we have come to an agreement with Greg Condon, from the 
PANORAMA Amiga user group of Vancouver, to print a second run of the 
magazine in Canada. Printing in Canada reduces our postage costs both 
within Canada and to the USA enabling us to dramatically reduce the 
cost of a subscription.

A four issue subscription to either the USA or Canada will now cost 
only 15UKP (about 26USD) as compared to the the old price of 20UKP 
(35USD). Copies of the current issue of Total Amiga will now cost USA 
and Canadian buyers only 4.50UKP (8USD) compared to 6.00UKP 
previously. Back issue prices will also be reduced once back issue 
from the Canadian print runs are available.

Please note: all USD conversions are approximate, based on the current
exchange rate at

As a "thank you" for their support, and to reflect our reduced costs, 
all existing subscribers in the USA or Canada with two or more issues 
outstanding on their subscription will have an extra issue added free 
of charge. This will happen automatically. Subscribers who have 
supplied us with an e-mail address should receive a personal e-mail 
confirming this over the weekend.

Orders for Total Amiga subscriptions to the USA and Canada will 
continue to be taken via the Total Amiga web site (where you can pay 
using your credit/debit card via PayPal) or through ForeMatt Home 
Computing who can accept credit card orders over the phone. The new 
US/Canada pricing is available on the Total Amiga web site now.

Total Amiga is also available through local Amiga dealers in many 
countries. We will be offering dealers in the USA and Canada a similar 
postage cost reduction from the next issue onwards. If you are a 
dealer interested in stocking the magazine please visit our web site 
for more information.

We hope this price reduction will benefit our existing subscribers in 
the USA and Canada and will also enable more Amiga users in those 
countries to enjoy the only English language print Amiga magazine 
currently available.

Total Amiga would like to thank Greg for volunteering to take on the 
responsibility of printing and distributing the magazine in North 

        A M I A T L A S   L O O K I N G   F O R   H E L P 

11 September, 2005

AmiATLAS Team is looking for new members

This is a call to all amiga freaks and AmiATLAS users!

AmiATLAS has a size of over 10.000 with roughly 600MB of data which is 
hard to maintain.

The current members are very busy with other projects!

That's the reason for this call to all amiga users and existing 
AmiATLAS users who help us a lot with this project.

Everybody who has interest to join the team and contribute to the 
future of AmiATLAS should drop a mail at:

Your AmiATLAS Development Team and APC & TCP

                A M I G A   F O R E V E R   2 0 0 5 

28 September, 2005

Software Hut is pleased to announce that we are the North American
distributor of the newest version of this popular emulator. This is a 
must have release of the ever popular Amiga Forever emulator. For the 
thousands of our customers who have bought previous versions of this 
great program you know that Amiga Forever allows users to turn their 
PCs into virtual Amigas. Because of the speed of today's PCs, you can 
run many applications much faster than you ever could with an actual 
060 equipped 4000 Tower.

Among the new features of Amiga Forever 2005 include 2 full dual 
layer, professionally mastered DVDs packed with Amiga videos that are 
available nowhere else. There is almost 6 hours of video including the 
much sought after full version of the Deathbed Vigil. Also included is 
a CD with Amiga Forever 2005 including these great features:

- Original Amiga ROM and OS files (all versions from 1.0 to 3.X)

- Additional emulation and drivers (RTG, SCSI, TCP/IP, AHI, CDTV, 
  CD32, etc.)

- Preconfigured WinUAE and WinFellow emulation engines with 

- Preinstalled games, demos and applications (web browser, paint, 

- Support for thousands of downloadable Amiga games and applications

- Amiga Explorer and Amiga Files data sharing framework

- Optionally-bootable CD, based on KX Light (boots any PC into Amiga 

- Special features and gallery of items of historical interest

- Much, much more...

Even though Cloanto has added 2 full DVDs and all these features the
price is still the same as previous versions! A full version of Amiga 
Forever 2005 is only $ 54.95 and an upgrade is only $ 34.95. For 
existing owners, the upgrade is the full 2 DVD, 1 CD version and is 
available to anyone who has an existing version (any version # from 1 
to 6) of Amiga Forever installed and who has access to their Amiga 
Forever serial #. Check our web site for more info on all the new 
features and Videos and to order your copy today at:

Then click on "New Amiga Forever 2005 just Released" under featured

        O N Y X S O F T   H A S   3   F O R   A M I G A N S

16 September, 2005

We got some news for you =) One new tool and two updates of some of 
our "top titles"... Have fun, more to come soon ;)

    * New program - SnapIT (Version 0.2)
    * New version - BackUp (Version 1.42)
    * New version - TheMPegEncGUI (Version 2.60)

Updated programs

TheMPegEncGUI v2.60 - (68k) Added the long awaited functionality to 
automatically rename files based on ID3-tags. Automatic download and 
install of Lame and CDDB. Automatic update of TheMPegEncGUI when a new 
version is released.

SnapIT v0.2 - (MOS) SnapIT is a powerful, yet simple-to-use screen 
grabber featuring a powerful MUI GUI.

BackUp v1.42 - (68k) Now stopping or pausing in the middle of a large 
file is possible. Added and changed some features to make it a bit 
more optimal.

         B A T T L E   O F   W E S N O T   F O R   O S 4 

28 September, 2005

I've successfully compiled Battle of Wesnoth.

The Battle for Wesnoth is a free, turn-based strategy game with a 
fantasy theme, and is now available for Amiga OS4.
Fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate 
heir, or use your dread power over the Undead to dominate the land of 
mortals, or lead your glorious Orcish tribe to victory against the 

humans who dared despoil your lands. Wesnoth has many different sagas
waiting to be played out. You can create your own custom units, and
write your own schenarios - or even full-blown campaigns. you can also
challenge your friends - or strangers - and fight multi-player epic
fantasy battles.

to run it (for now):

Assign USR: YourPath:path_where_wesnoth_exec_is
run wesnoth

assign USr: DH2:Wesnoth
run wesnoth

When it starts, it is a little bit slow. so don't worry for the black 
screen. It has many options that can be passed to the command line. So 
a Gui (DANIEEEELLLL!!!) it is needed as usual..


Link to download site is

       B R O K E N   S W O R D   F O R   A M I G A   O S 4 

1 September, 2005

Enjoy Broken Sword on your AmigaOne with this package put together 
specifically for OS4 users.

Broken Sword is a point and click adventure game created by Revolution 
Software which places a young American on holiday in Paris into a 
mysterious adventure, where the fate of man could be decided. The game 
is full of cryptic puzzles and it is down to you to solve the problems 
using information gathered along the way.

The original sealed game CD comes with an Amiga-specific Installer 
CDROM. This allows quick and easy installation of the game and data 

SCUMMVM point & click adventure
package contents
Original game (2x PC CDs) and Amiga Install CD
install CD version 1.11 (05.09.05)

OS4, 835MB HDD space 

Condition: new and guaranteed

Game cut scenes are not included, but are available to download from 
the SCUMMVM website. Broken Sword is  1996 Revolution Software. 
SCUMMVM and the Amiga Installer CD are not in any way affiliated with 
Revolution Software.

   D I G I B O O S T E R   P R O   -   G O O D   A S   B E E R ? 

20 September, 2005

A program is like a good beer. It needs time to becomes perfect. This 
applies also to the program Digibooster Professional.

At present the new version is in work. In order to become fair to the 
user in addition, we would like know which user surface at most are 
wished. Now, on the DigiboosterPro Homepage is furnished a voting, 
where you can choose 2 selections. About large participation we would 
be pleased much.

Because thus you show us your interest in Digibooster Professional.

         W O L N Y C D   -   U N U S U A L   U T I L I T Y 

17 September, 2005

WolnyCD is a tool that allows you to set read-speed of your CD-ROM 
(CD-R/CD-RW). This should work with most of the ATAPI devices and with 
some SCSI ones. The aim of this tool is to quiet the engine of your CD 
drive. In most cases it enhances the read abilities. New features:

- option of recognising by volume or device name
- italian catalog.

In the archive you will find three versions of this tool: AmigaOS 3.x, 
AmigaOS 4.0, MorphOS.

More information (only in polish language) can be obtained from URL 
(bottom of the text). Don't be afraid - in the archive there is polish 
and english guide with the description of all the options.

           A M I G A   A P A C H E   W I T H   C G I

5 September, 2005

Now available for AmigaOS4: Apache with working cgi-support!

You can download it at OS4depot or Aminet

New in this release: [Read on]

* Apache has now a working cgi-module! The cgi-code is totaly 
using AmigaDOS-functions and should be quite fast.
* Added support of XSL. Allows to transform XML-files.
For more informations look here:
* Better performance!
* Added support of the strftime()-function.
* date()-function crashed when using option "r" - fixed.
* Revised installer-script. Fixed some bugs and everything is now done 
by the script.
* New examples in the example-directory for XSL and CGI.
* Some minor bugfixes and optimations.

Find it at:

Description:     Apache 1.3.33 PHP5 - AmigaOS4 binaries
Download:     apache.lha       
Version:     1.3.33
Date:     05 Sep 05
Author:     The Apache HTTP Server Project 
                ( / Ported by Edgar Schwan
Submitter:     Edgar Schwan
Requirements:     ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0
Category:     network/server/http
Replaces:     network/server/http/apache.lha
License:     Other
Distribute:     yes
FileID:     1010
Comments:     7  [View]
Snapshots:     4  [View]
Downloads:     94 (For current version, not accumulated)

Apache HTTP Server is an open source HTTP web server for Unix-like 
systems (BSD, Linux, and UNIX systems), Microsoft Windows, and other 

This is the fourth release of my port of Apache 1.3.33 to AmigaOS 4.0.
It includes support of PHP 5.0.4 and MySQL 3.23.49 and has now a 
working cgi-module.
The previous version with PHP4-support is also included. It is 
possible to run these two versions at the same time, so you can test 
your code under both environments.

All important features are working now, so this is the first full 
release. This does not mean that developement is stopped ;-)


New in this release:

* Apache has now a working cgi-module! The cgi-code was totaly 
  rewritten   using AmigaDOS-functions and should be quite fast. 
  Please notice the   "How to use CGI"-section.
* Added support of XSL. Allows to transform XML-files.
  For more informations look here:
* Better performance!
* Added support of the strftime()-function.
* date()-function crashed when using option "r" - fixed.
  Thanks to Aldur.
* Revised installer-script. Fixed some bugs and everything is now done 
  by the script. Thanks to Magham.
* New examples in the example-directory for XSL and CGI.
* Some minor bugfixes and optimations.


  * The webserver, which includes these compiled-in standard-modules:

    - core module,
    - env module,
    - config log module,
    - mime module,
    - negotiation module,
    - status module,
    - includes module,
    - autoindex module,
    - dir module,
    - cgi module,
    - asis module,
    - imap module,
    - action module,
    - userdir_module,
    - alias module,
    - access module,
    - auth module,
    - setenvif module.

  * Additional modules:

    - php4 module (4.3.11) or php5-module (5.0.4),

  * Enabled php-features:

    - SQLite (2.8.14)
    - dom (2.6.19)
    - libxml (2.6.19)
    - libxslt including libexslt (1.1.14)
    - soap
    - SimpleXML (
    - SPL
    - mysql module (3.23.49)
    - PDF support (6.0.1)
    - BZ2 support (1.0.2)
    - Zlib support (1.2.1)
    - Calendar support
    - CType-functions
    - Exif support (1.4)
    - FTP support
    - GD-library support - render online-gfx (2.0.28)
    - mbstring support
    - PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) support
    - Session support
    - XML support (2.6.19)
    - Tokenizer support
    - dbase module (not tested)


Known problems:

* If you try to execute a single line of code with the standalone php-
  interpreter using the '-r'-option, you will get into trouble.
  This will not work in an amiga-shell:  php -r'echo "hello\n";'
  You need a unix-shell for this. You can use 'sh' from the perl-
  package available on

* You can't limit execution-time using the set_time_limit()-function.

* http- and ftp-streams are buggy.

     N E W   E - U A E   D E S P I T E   S A N I T Y   L O S S 

21 September, 2005

Version 0.8.28 of the portable Amiga emulator has at last been 
released, at great cost to the sanity of the maintainer.

Binaries are available for AmigaOS (both AmigaOS4 and classic 68k 
machines) and for the AmigaOS clones MorphOS and AROS as well as a 
Linux, MacOS X and BeOS.

This version features a tweaked AmigaOS graphics driver which now 
works properly on AmigaOS4 update #3 and the OS4.0 build offers better 
performance, an improved SCSI emulation (this lets you access host 
CD-ROM drives directly), AmigaInput support and at last a useful CD32 

Two OS4.0 builds are available - one which uses the native graphics 
driver and one which uses the SDL library. The former does not yet 
support E-UAE's Picasso96 emulation, so if you want to emulate an 
Amiga with a graphics card, use the SDL version for now. Otherwise, 
the non-SDL version offers better performance (especially for the 
CD32 emulation).

Amiga Update on the net:
 All back issues available at:
Stop by and check out our archive! Now in our 12th publication year. 
Copyright 2005 by Brad Webb.    Freely distributable, if not modified.
                 _    __      _     <>_   __      _      
   A M I G A    /\\    |\    /||    ||   /  `    /\\      A M I G A   
  U P D A T E  /__\\   | \  / ||    ||  || ___  /__\\    U P D A T E 
              /    \\_ |  \/  ||_  _||_  \__// /    \\_  
(nba) (Translation: cad)

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