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PPC hardware: Troika unveils detailed specifications for the "Amy'05"
Troika announced the detailed specification of the Amy'05 in two press releases at (1, 2):

The used CPU will be an IBM 750GL(800 MHz, 1 MB L2 cache), which will be soldered directly to the motherboard. The 800 MHz version offers teh best price/performance ratio, but the board might be used with cpus up to GHz. The processor and case fans will be driven temperature dependent.

The Tundra TSI107 will be used as northbridge. One of the twopci slots is clocked at 66 MHz and intened to house teh gfx card. That slot is connected by a bridge chip the TSI107 system bus(33 Mhz).

The Southbridge will be an AMD Geode CS5536, which will be connected by a bridge chip (PLX technology PCI 6150) to the system bus, too. properties of the Geode CS5536:
  • AC97 Codec interface
  • A single channel IDE port
  • An additional 16C550 UART
  • Real time Clock and CMOS RAM
  • Additional USB 2.0 ports
  • PC 82XX legacy timers

The AC97 codec will be, as announced already, an AD1888 by Analog Devices.

Additionally the motherboard will have a so called "Geekport" whichis an 8 bit interface for e.g. custom or Amiga specific expansions. This port will sport the following features:
  • memory mapped
  • provides a basic I/O port
  • can generate interrupts
  • provides user defined I/O

A (non working) prototype of that motherboards will be shown coming weekend at the BigBash 4, England. According to the developer minor issues are resolved currently and a first very limited production will be started soon to do intensive hardware tests and to adopt OS4 to the board. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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