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Sven Scheele (ANF)

Event: Status report on Amiga-Meeting Nord
With over 40 participant registrations in the meantime, the Amiga-Meeting Nord, which takes place from the 13. up to the 15. of October in Bad Bramstedt, is practically booked up.

However, as Sven Scheele informs, registrations via the website are still accepted and put on the waiting list - for the case that places become available yet on short notice.

Reportedly, a visit is worthwhile especially on Saturday, for day visitors as well, since some interesting presentations are planned. The admission price for day visitors amounts to 5 Euro.

Following developers and dealers are among the participants:
  • Guido 'Geit' Mersmann (Valiant Vision, among others)
  • Sven Dröge (proBanking, Bonds)
  • Axel Dörfler (Spreadsheet Ignition)
  • Timo 'Ermentrud' Kloss (Midi sequencer Horny)
  • Alinea Computer (Demonstration of the distributed products)
  • Matthias Goldisch (Dealer for Amiga & retro computing)
  • Axel Knabe (Office & information service, presentation of BurnIt, among others)
(snx) (Translation: cad)

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