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David Brunet / Gunnar von Boehn (ANF)

Graphician needed for Amiga game project
David Brunet writes: Gunnar von Boehn is looking for one or more GFX artists to create new Amiga 2D games. The games will be in the spirit of great Amiga titles and will be based on the Arcade Construction Kit (ACK) project which started last year.

As the game is based on the ACK engine, it will run on all faster Amiga platforms. This includes AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, AROS and fast AmigaOS 3.x systems like UAE/WinUAE and PowerPC or Coldfire equipped classic Amigas. In addition to this, the game would be able to run on other platforms such as Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

There are 2 game genres possible:

Genre 1:
Classical shoot'em up like "Menace" or "Hybris".
Typical ideas are space shooter, plane, submarine or Rambo style.

Genre 2:
Classical beat'em up in the spirit of "IK+", "Karateka", "Streetfighter", "Samurai Showdown" or "Sword of Sodan".
Basicly everything is possible ranging form Karate, Samurai, Knights, Monsters, Super Heroes, to catfighting Bikini Babes.

The exact look and feel is fully up to taste and abilities of the GFX artist.

A nice option is to start with simple one2one Karate type games. For such a IK+ type game we would only need one background image and one set of sprites. It could later be enhanced with extra story line, extra backgrounds and extra characters.

The GFX artist needs to be able to create all the images for his game. This includes the title screen, the backgrounds and the sprites. The game engine supports all types of resolutions and color models. The game engine imposes nearly no limits on us (i.e. size and number of sprites is nearly unlimited). The targeted resolution is 640x480 in True Color. But other resolutions are possible if wanted.

With a fast GFX artist, it could be possible to create such a game in less than a month.

There is a nice bonus as well. Genesi offered to sponsor this project by donating a free Efika to every GFX artist who helps to create a game for Amiga/MorphOS.

Interested persons can contact us at: Gunnar AT greyhound-data DOT com (snx)

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