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Aminet-Uploads until 17.02.2008 (part 2)
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
agility-os4.lha                game/text     381K    OS4   AGT/AGX game interpreter
gluxle-os4.lha                 game/text     563K    OS4   An interpreter for text adventure games
magx-os4.lha                   game/text     865K    OS4   A text adventure compiler
brikx-os4.lha                  game/think    4.6M    OS4   A puzzle game, connect the blocks
lpairs-mos.lha                 game/think    412K    MOS   Classical memory game
minesweeper2-os4.lha           game/think    648K    OS4   A clone of MS minesweeper
mpsdl-os4.lha                  game/think    1.5M    OS4   A columns clone
msweeper-os4.lha               game/think    169K    OS4   A Japanese Mine Sweeper game
netwalk-os4.lha                game/think    418K    OS4   Connect every terminal to the main serve
nimesweeper-os4.lha            game/think    122K    OS4   An NCurses based Minesweeper game
pfp-bnx2.lha                   game/think    3.5M    OS4   Remake from logical game Biniax
plonx-os4.lha                  game/think    107K    OS4   An NCurses based puzzle game
sdlame-os4.lha                 game/think    5.0M    OS4   SDLame, a small puzzle game
sdltetris-os4.lha              game/think    954K    OS4   Yet another Tetris clone
symbolica-os4.lha              game/think     20M    OS4   A nice remake of a puzzle game
tetrispack-os4.lha             game/think    928K    OS4   3 Tetris games
TilesSlide.lha                 game/wb        57K    OS3   Align 3 tiles of the same colour
imagin-os4.lha                 gfx/3d        647K    OS4   A command-line raytracer
cpc2ilbm-mos.lha               gfx/conv       59K    MOS   CLI converter for Amstrad CPC images
cpc2ilbm-os4.lha               gfx/conv       60K    OS4   CLI converter for Amstrad CPC images       gfx/conv      303K    ARO   CLI converter for camera raw files (SSE2            gfx/conv      302K    ARO   CLI converter for camera raw files
MeltingPoint.lha               gfx/conv       28K    OS3   Converts PowerPoint to Hollywood script
png2lin-os4.lha                gfx/conv      127K    OS4   Converts a PNG image into a Linux logo
sfontmkr-os4.lha               gfx/conv      288K    OS4   Make PNG fonts for use with SFont
xtopng-mos.lha                 gfx/conv       78K    MOS   A general-purpose image converter
xtopng-os4.lha                 gfx/conv      379K    OS4   A general-purpose image converter
netbrush-os4.lha               gfx/edit      1.1M    OS4   Paint images with friends over Internet
photocrop-os4.lha              gfx/edit      225K    OS4   Crop and Resize images easilly
fractal-os4.lha                gfx/fract     235K    OS4   A fractal explorer
starmap-os4.lha                gfx/fract     126K    OS4   A strange but cool fractal program
SView5.lha                     gfx/misc      3.1M    VAR   SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package
PointRider-amigaos4.lha        gfx/show      660K    OS4   Displays/converts PowerPoint (PPS) files
PointRider-morphos.lha         gfx/show      185K    MOS   Displays/converts PowerPoint (PPS) files
pslide-os4.lha                 gfx/show      554K    OS4   Perigee Slideshow - A picture viewer
showimage-os4.lha              gfx/show      282K    OS4   ShowImage - Displays images
AmiArcadia.lha                 misc/emu      501K    OS3   Arcadia 2001/Interton VC 4000/TVGC emul.
buildcpr-os4.lha               misc/emu       18K    OS4   Amstrad Binary to CPR converter tool
desmume-os4.lha                misc/emu      261K    OS4   Desmume, a NintendoDS emulator
funnymu-mos.lha                misc/emu      130K    MOS   Whizzard, Funvision & Creativision emu
funnymu-os4.lha                misc/emu      1.1M    OS4   Whizzard, Funvision & Creativision emu
gcmrt-os4.lha                  misc/emu       58K    OS4   Gamecube music ripping tools
Handy095.lha                   misc/emu      267K    OS3   Atari Lynx emulator
n64rom-mos.lha                 misc/emu        8K    MOS   Tool to handle Nintendo64 roms
n64rom-os4.lha                 misc/emu       26K    OS4   Tool to handle Nintendo64 roms V1.0
ndstrim-os4.lha                misc/emu      177K    OS4   Strips dummy data off NDS ROMs
ngptool-os4.lha                misc/emu       36K    OS4   NeoGeo Pocket ROM Tool
psfpoint-os4.lha               misc/emu       37K    OS4   Edit tags of PSF music files
psptools-os4.lha               misc/emu      210K    OS4   Make PSX games playable on PSP
removeffs-os4.lha              misc/emu       20K    OS4   Strips dummy data off GBA roms
siemu-os4.lha                  misc/emu      319K    OS4   A Space Invaders Arcade Emulator
spsfutils-mos.lha              misc/emu       74K    MOS   Simple PSF Utils
spsfutils-os4.lha              misc/emu       88K    OS4   Simple PSF Utils
stlist-os4.lha                 misc/emu       26K    OS4   Lists Atari .ST diskimage content
tap2mbhdd-os4.lha              misc/emu       20K    OS4   Spectrum TAP to MB HDD Converter
trdetz-os4.lha                 misc/emu       21K    OS4   TRD Spectrum utilities
trimgym-mos.lha                misc/emu        9K    MOS   Trims SEGA Genesis gym music files
trimgym-os4.lha                misc/emu        9K    OS4   Trims SEGA Genesis gym music files
xzx2plus3-os4.lha              misc/emu       28K    OS4   XZX Snapshot to +3DOS Converter
sdlcalc-os4.lha                misc/math     462K    OS4   An advanced calculator
sex_os4.lha                    misc/misc      13K    OS4   Generates random sex stories, funny!
SamplesCreator.lha             mus/edit       44K    OS3   Samples creation and saving
scm2wav_os4.lha                mus/edit       24K    OS4   Rip sound files from official ICQ client
ttaenc-os4.lha                 mus/edit       44K    OS4   encode your own lossless TTA audio files
zvocoder-os4.lha               mus/edit      615K    OS4   Zirius Vocoder: create cool robot voices
goatninja-mos.lha              mus/misc       21K    MOS   Convert Goat Tracker 1 to Ninja Tracker
goatninja.lha                  mus/misc       21K    OS4   Convert Goat Tracker 1 to Ninja Tracker
id3ren-os4.lha                 mus/misc       76K    OS4   Id3ren is a ID3 tag editor
malint-os4.lha                 mus/misc      283K    OS4   MPEG Audio stream validator
phatbeat-os4.lha               mus/misc      867K    OS4   A BPM Counter
psidren-os4.lha                mus/misc       33K    OS4   Renames PSID's into real name
samplayer-os4.lha              mus/misc      159K    OS4   SAM Speech Synthesizer program with GUI
adplaybasic-os4.lha            mus/play      1.8M    OS4   A player for Ad Lib music modules
playOGG.lha                    mus/play      3.6M    OS3   multi format sound player.
sc68-bin-m68k.lha              mus/play      3.4M    VAR   Improved sc68 package (w/ cust. builder)
xmp-os4.lha                    mus/play      830K    OS4   Plays over 80 module formats (inc. MED)
Calendario2008.lha             pix/misc      1.3M    GEN   2008 italian calendar printable version
ispell-3.3.02-deutsch.lha      text/misc     863K    GEN   German dictionary for ISpell 3.3.02
ispell-3.3.02-fr_FR.lha        text/misc     2.5M    GEN   Alt. french dictionary for ISpell 3.3.02
ispell-3.3.02-polish.lha       text/misc     2.2M    GEN   Polish dictionary for ISpell 3.3.02
showfont_os4.lha               text/misc     253K    OS4   Showfont - Displays TTF fonts
smu-mos.lha                    text/misc      13K    MOS   Interpreter for simple markdown dialect
aros-texlive-bin-i386.tar.bz2  text/tex       12M    ARO   TeXlive bin-pc-i386
aros-texlive-src.tar.bz2       text/tex       36M    GEN   TeXlive sources
AnimIcon.lha                   util/app      145K    OS3   AnimatedIcon replacement
deutex-os4.lha                 util/arc      456K    OS4   A wad composer for Doom and others
gzrt-os4.lha                   util/arc       30K    OS4   Recover files from broken gzip archives
ixadump-os4.lha                util/arc        6K    OS4   Extracts the files in an iXalance demo
testdms-os4.lha                util/arc       13K    OS4   Test DMS archives
uncps-mos.lha                  util/arc        5K    MOS   Unpacks .CPS files from many games
uncps-os4.lha                  util/arc        5K    OS4   Unpacks .CPS files from many games
uncpt-os4.lha                  util/arc        4K    OS4   Unpacks Sinclair QL .CPT files
ltc-mos.lha                    util/batch      2K    VAR   Locale phone code info for Installscript
SystemPatch30.lha              util/boot      89K    OS3   Speed up your Amiga OS
Klips.lha                      util/cdity     55K    VAR   System clipboard manager (MUI)
soesplit-os4.lha               util/cli        6K    OS4   Split big files
usfv-os4.lha                   util/cli        8K    OS4   Verify or create SFV files
iso-o-matic.lha                util/conv      51K    OS4   All to ISO disk image converter
otrMUI.lha                     util/conv     200K    MOS   MUI GUI for the otrdecoder / omrdecoder
deslike-os4.lha                util/crypt     24K    OS4   DES-like encryption
anno_os4.lha                   util/misc     108K    OS4   An NCurses based Almanack
fmgpuccrbrr-os4.lha            util/misc      12K    OS4   Make your own Retro Replay ROM
shed-os4.lha                   util/misc     466K    OS4   An NCurses based HEX Editor
StSoundGUI.lha                 util/misc     440K    VAR   GUI f. sc68/hvlplay/smallym..(incl.plrs)
sysflush-morphos.lha           util/misc       6K    MOS   SysFlush (MorphOS system flush)
eggtimer-os4.lha               util/time     1.0M    OS4   An Eggtimer
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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