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26.Mar.2008 Uploads until 25.03.2008
These are the latest uploads to which have been added since our last message:
mixer.lha                aud/mis   96kb  Mixer
msxplugplay.lha          aud/pla    1Mb  Commandline mgs/kss music player
tunekss_plug.lha         aud/pla  204kb  KSS/MGS plugin for TuneNet
tunesndfile_plug.lha     aud/pla  458kb  libsndfile based plugin for TuneNet
tunetfm_plug.lha         aud/pla   45kb  TFC/TFD plugin for TuneNet
tuneymamp_plug.lha       aud/pla  112kb  Callus/Genesis YM plugin for TuneNet
yerz15.lha               dem/mus   22Mb  Music disk, created in Hollywood 3.
gb2ngp.lha               dev/cro    4kb  Convert Gameboy tile data to Neo Geo Poc
huc.lha                  dev/cro    1Mb  PC Engine/Turbografx compiler/assembler
libsndfile.lha           dev/lib    1Mb  Library for reading/writing various samp
physfs.lha               dev/lib   93kb  flexible file i/o abstraction
envy24ht_ahi.lha         dri/aud   21kb  Envy24HT AHI driver
diskimage_device.lha     dri/sto  316kb  Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
wifisignal.lha           dri/uti   72kb  Wifi Signal Monitor for Prism2 cards.
bermudasyndrome.lha      gam/act  405kb  Bermuda Syndrome SDL
spacemonster.lha         gam/act  798kb  Space Monster - A Space Invaders clone
passage.lha              gam/mis  752kb  A beautiful game about life
gravitation.lha          gam/pla  765kb  A very original and nice game about grav
amitransformator-fr.lha  gra/con    2kb  AmiTransformator french catalog
amitransformator_pl.lha  gra/con    2kb  Polish translation of AmiTransformator
owb_gui.lha              net/bro  306kb  A simple GUI for OWB
amivnc4.lha              net/ser  119kb  VNC server for AmigaOS4
aminetreadme.lha         uti/tex   68kb  Aminet .readme creator
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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