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Klaus Schwägerl (ANF)

Amiga Walker: A Clarification
Klaus Schwägerl, meanwhile CEO of Die Projektfabrik GmbH, has sent a letter to us at about the Amiga model Walker, which was shown as a prototype in 1996 by Amiga Technologies at the CeBIT fair in Hannover, Germany. Below you can find a translation of what he wrote:

I'm just moving with my company and that's why I stumbled across the master design model of the Amiga Walker once again. This made me surf the web for a while to look for articles about the Walker. What I read there astonished me and prompted me to clarify some things:

1. The Amiga Walker has not been designed by Frog Design, but by the greatly talented designer Daniel Gilgen on behalf of Stefan Domeyer for my former company KS Design in Frankfurt, Germany. The idea to expand the Walker step by step until it becomes a tower finally originates from Daniel Gilgen. He was the one who built the prototypes for CeBIT from the master design model which I do still own.

2. The transfer of the rights to the product was dependent on the payment of our royalty. As this money was not paid, the rights to the product stayed with KS Design. After closing down KS Design, the rights were transferred to me as a private individual.

3. Merlancia Industries never had any rights to the product. We also communicated that to Merlancia Industries in this way as that company did ask us for a license. At some point the contact to Merlancia has been lost; we don't know whether this enterprise is still active or not.

I hope this can improve the understanding of the case considerably.

With kind regards and a sad feeling
about this project never entering production,
Klaus Schwägerl (snx)

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