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Amiga Future (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Web-Browser OWB 2.13
Jörg Strohmayer has published a new version of his port of the Origyn Web Browser. Please note that currently AmigaOS 4.1 is required. The changes since the last release:
  • Disabled the normal and wait mouse pointers. They are still included as Resources/ and, if you want to use them in OWB instead of the system ones rename them to and ( issue #34)
  • Added a frame around the status bar ( issue #33)
  • Updated to SVN revision 600
  • Added PUBSCREEN tooltype for changing the name of the public screen
  • For font families without bold/italic fonts OWB now constructs them from the regular font of the family instead of using fonts from the fallback font families
  • Added displaying the source
  • Added support for external bookmark tools, tooltype BOOKMARKCOMMAND, the first %s is replaced by OWB's ARexx port name ( issue #13)
  • Included Paul E. Bloedel's AddressBook
  • Included Fredrik Wikstrom's OWBLauncher tool with the splash image from Martin 'Mason' Merz ( issue #32)
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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