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PR-campaign: Is Hyperion announcing new hardware? (2nd Update)
At the screenshots of the Firefox-port Timberwolf published two dys ago the website could be seen. Smart users figured out that this website belongs to Ben Hermans (Hyperion Entertainment) and obviously has hidden some hints to Hyperion's next project.

By clicking the graphics on each site you can release another text or get the next hint (1.html, 2.html, 3.html, 4.html). Each day will be completed with another hint. Again and again you can read the terms "OMEN" or ("OM"), "ENIGMA" and "AEON" with which users tried to make anagrams.

The hint added today plays with these terms and then shows the text "Have you figured it out yet?". The I-dot at "it" is something more dark - if you move the mouse cursor above it you get the reaction: "(Oh no! Don't look at that!".

If you ignore this warning and have a look at the I-dot you will see that it is a highly scaled down photo. A photo which apparently shows a part of a motherboard. In a thread at Hans-Jörg "Rogue" Frieden explained that it is more than "just" new hardware. Further information will be available tomorrow.

According to the Belgian Staatsblad (PDF-document) the company A-EON was founded in April 2009 by Ben Hermans and the both British men Robert Trevor Dickinson and Anthony Moorley.

Update: (03.01.10, 12:14, snx)
Meanwhile almost the complete mainboard is visible, also one further picture was found on the server which seems to show part of a case.

2nd Update: (03.01.10, 13:52, snx)
Hans-Jörg Frieden adds that the slots on the mainboard are two PCIe x16, three PCIe x1, two PCI 33 MHz and finally one "Xorro" slot, with the latter being in line with the third PCIe 1x slot. All 16 lanes of the PCIe x16 slot can be used only if just one slot is occupied, though, otherwise two times eight lanes are used.

The javascript file (4.js) used for today's page confirms that the CPU is a PowerPC - and according to another picture already found on the server it seems to provide more than one core. At the second still covered position on the mainboard, there seems to be a chip called "Xena" which might serve as a custom chip. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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