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Guido Mersmann (ANF)

MorphOS: Prospect of version 3.0
Nicolas 'Henes' Sallin has given an outlook on the next update of the PowerPC operating system MorphOS at MorphZone.
  • The next public version of MorphOS will be version 3.0 and introduce support for PowerBook (only 15" and 17" PowerBooks of versions 5.6 till 5.9, which are the two latest revisions D and E)
  • It will be a completely free upgrade for already registered users
  • There will probably be some experimental wireless support for a few external cardbus cards featuring WPA/WPA2; that was demonstrated in Essen
  • There will be enhanced 3D drivers for the R2xx range of Radeon cards
  • Proper use of AGP bus has been added where reasonable and available, helping on some low vmem issues with Mac mini for example
  • There will be a builtin CD/DVD recording tool named Jalapeno
  • There will be various other enhancements which are not disclosed yet
  • Release date can't be expected before December
Furthermore, G5 iMac/PowerMac support will not be released anytime soon. It was just some experiment and no development work is done on it, Henes continued. The focus would be on bug fixing and implementing remaining features for 3.0 now. Also the OS will not be released for another CPU architecture in the next 12 months. (snx)

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