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Benchmarks: AmigaOne X1000 compared with other PPC-hardware (Update)
The first benchmarks of the AmigaOne X1000 have been posted on various forums (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). The following graphics were created by MorphOS developer Harry 'Piru' Sintonen, used here with kind permission from Mr. Sintonen.


With the MP3 encoder LAME the file AKsack.wav was converted into the MP3 format without using any parameters. All systems used LAME builds with Altivec support. The value for the X1000 was confirmed by OS4-developer Hans de Ruiter.


With the raytracer Blender the included example bricks_and_water_plugin.blend was rendered with the following command line:

blender_binary -b projects/bricks_and_water_plugin.blend -o ram:pool -F JPEG -f 0

The value for the X1000 was reported by AmigaOne tester sundown, the value for the Sam440ep by the developer who ported Blender to AmigaOS 4, Andy "broadblues" Broad.

MPlayer: H264-decoding

With the MorphOS MPlayer (and the corresponding AmigaOS 4 port MUI-Mplayer) and the parameters specified below the graphic the H264-encoded video file was decoded without showing the result on the screen. The value for the X1000 was reported by X1000-tester Stephen "stevieu" Umney.


Using the client, keys for the OGR-NG and RC5-72 projects were calculated (source). All Systems are using the Altivec unit of their processor for these tests - with the exception of the Sam460, which doesn't have Altivec.

Copying file

A 46 Mb file (AKsack.wav) was copied from one partition to another and then from a partition to the Ram Disk. The results of this test are affected by many external factors like the filesystem used or the mass storage device the partitions reside on. The value for the X1000 was reported by X1000 owner Mufa.


The benchmark tool RageMem tests the access time for various memory types. Due to a missing MorphOS version, the test on a PowerMac was performed running the AmigaOS 4 build on OS4Emu:

RAGEMEM v0.37 - compiled 11/06/2010                                        

PowerMac G4@2Ghz           A1 X1000 PA6T@1.8Ghz       Pegasos 2 G4@1133 Mhz

L1: 16 KB                  L1: 64 KB                  L1: 32 KB            
L2: 1024 KB                L2: 2048 KB                L2: 512 KB           
L3: none                   L3: none                   L3: none             
Cache Line: 0              Cache Line: 64             Cache Line: 32       

--- CPU ---                --- CPU ---                --- CPU ---          
MAX MIPS: 5982             MAX MIPS: 3084             MAX MIPS: 3398       

--- L1 ---                 --- L1 ---                 --- L1 ---           
READ32: 7606 MB/Sec        READ32: 6851 MB/Sec        READ32: 4318 MB/Sec  
READ64: 15209 MB/Sec       READ64: 13682 MB/Sec       READ64: 8634 MB/Sec  
WRITE32: 6518 MB/Sec       WRITE32: 6851 MB/Sec       WRITE32: 3701 MB/Sec 
WRITE64: 5072 MB/Sec       WRITE64: 13681 MB/Sec      WRITE64: 2880 MB/Sec 

--- L2 ---                 --- L2 ---                 --- L2 ---           
READ32: 2166 MB/Sec        READ32: 3276 MB/Sec        READ32: 1942 MB/Sec  
READ64: 2560 MB/Sec        READ64: 4784 MB/Sec        READ64: 2529 MB/Sec  
WRITE32: 2445 MB/Sec       WRITE32: 2531 MB/Sec       WRITE32: 1745 MB/Sec 
WRITE64: 3348 MB/Sec       WRITE64: 4090 MB/Sec       WRITE64: 2193 MB/Sec 

--- RAM ---                --- RAM ---                --- RAM ---          
READ32: 276 MB/Sec         READ32: 2857 MB/Sec        READ32: 144 MB/Sec   
READ64: 276 MB/Sec         READ64: 4000 MB/Sec        READ64: 144 MB/Sec   
WRITE32: 804 MB/Sec        WRITE32: 2732 MB/Sec       WRITE32: 197 MB/Sec  
WRITE64: 810 MB/Sec        WRITE64: 3383 MB/Sec       WRITE64: 425 MB/Sec  
WRITE: 752 MB/Sec (*)      WRITE: 352 MB/Sec (*)      WRITE: 795 MB/Sec (*)

--- VIDEO BUS ---          --- VIDEO BUS ---          --- VIDEO BUS ---    
READ: 32 MB/Sec            READ: 15 MB/Sec            READ: 51 MB/Sec      
WRITE: 180 MB/Sec          WRITE: 161 MB/Sec          WRITE: 221 MB/Sec    

(*) "Tricky"

Update: (04.02.2012, 15:30, cg)

Added the dnetc benchmark. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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