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Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

MovieSetter-Plugin for Hollywood
Press release: Airsoft Softwair has just released a very special Easter egg for all Hollywood users: A Hollywood plugin for videos created with Gold Disk's famous MovieSetter tool.

MovieSetter (photo) is renowned in the Amiga community because it is the tool which Eric W. Schwartz used to create his legendary clips like the Aerotoons (screenshot), Flip the Frog and Clarisse Cat, Sabrina, the intro of Team17's Superfrog (screenshot), the very funny Anti Lemmin' Demo (screenshot) and of course the Juggette clips.

Unfortunately, the original player written by Gold Disk bangs the hardware quite a lot and thus doesn't run on modern systems. But with the MovieSetter for Hollywood plugin you can now for the very first time experience Eric W. Schwartz's great animations in all their glory on your AmigaOS 4 or MorphOS system - fully PPC native with retargetable audio through AHI and RTG graphics as well! Only Hollywood makes it possible!

You can download the plugin from the official Hollywood portal at the title link. Thanks to Hollywood 5.0's cross-platform plugin system, versions for AmigaOS 3.x (Classic), AmigaOS 3.x (FPU), AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, WarpOS, AROS (Intel), Linux (PowerPC), Linux (Intel), Mac OS (PowerPC), Mac OS (Intel) and Windows are provided.

As a special convenience service we have also created a single archive that contains most of Eric's animations in just one file. Airsoft Softwair wishes all Amiga users a Happy Easter!

Download: esanims.lha (13 MB) (snx)

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