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Curiosity: Amiga games with anaglyph 3D display (Update 2)
It's a little known fact that even on the Amiga, there were attempts at generating a proper 3D display: there are a few titles that use anaglyph projection - known for the '3D glasses' with different colored filters in front of each eye - to create a stereo display.

The first effort was Tim Kemp's 1986 game 3D Breakout (screenshots: 1, 2). A year later "Forms in Flight" was released in the US: a graphics programm that could display the three dimensional objects in proper 3D (screenshot). In December 1990 Third Dimension from the Cryptoburners was published as the first scene demo in 3D (Youtube video).

Armin Harich's 3D Motorrad was published in an issue of the disk magazine "Amigo!" in 1992. In December that same year, the scene group Spaceballs released their classic demo State of the Art, which features a 3D scene at about half of its running time (Screenshot).

Note: All mentioned titles require red/blue 3D glasses (red filter for the left eye). If you know other games or demos using this technique, we would appreciate if you could let us know.

Update 2: (18.04.2012, 15:00, cg)

Our readers pointed out some more titles using anaglyph projection:

Update: (16.04.2012, 22:30, cg)

Added 'Third Dimension' and '3D Motorrad'. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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