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Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Hollywood 5.2 - 10th Anniversary Edition
Press release: Exactly ten years ago today, Hollywood 1.0 was shipped to the first customers. Since then the software has grown to one of the largest Amiga programs and is now available for all major systems including the mobile platform Android.

To celebrate the success story of Hollywood, version 5.2 has been released today for all existing customers of Hollywood. Hollywood 5.2 is a major update which includes several new features among the usual bug fixes. Here is a brief overview of new features in 5.2:
  • video system is now completely platform-independent which means that Hollywood video plugins will work now on every system incl. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android
  • support for commodity hotkeys (Amiga)
  • support for tray icons (Windows)
  • extensions in the plugin interface
  • own error handler can be defined
  • support for multiple screens (Amiga)
  • improved support for Android
  • better support for animations using alphachannels
A complete list of changes can be found in the history section of the documentation.

Hollywood 5.2 is the first joint release of Hollywood for both desktop and mobile platforms. Users of the Android version can conveniently update to 5.2 via Google Play while users of the Amiga and Windows versions can download update archives (35 to 45 MB in size) free of charge from the official Hollywood portal.

Please note that Hollywood 5.2 is currently only available for existing customers and cannot be purchased at this time. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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