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05.Apr.2013 (Webseite)

MorphOS: Odyssey 1.20 and Flash-Plugin swfdec 2.0
Fabien 'FAB' Coeurjuly has released a new version of the web browser Odyssey. A version without SVG-support is not offered any longer because. The most important changes in Odyssey 1.20:
  • Updated to WebKit r144529 (March 2013). Amongst many other fixes, it cures an issue with some asp sites
  • Added copy image URL location in image contextmenu
  • Now uses MorphOS cairo/pixman/fontconfig shared libraries
  • Plugins are now expected to have version 2 or later
  • With spellchecker.library 50.1+ (MorphOS 3.2+), word learning feature is now functional
  • More bugfixes in websockets handling
  • Don't crash when HTML5 desktop notifications are invoked
Additionally a new version of the swfdec-based Flash-plugin was released which supports the Flash-standard up to version 8.

Direct download:

owb-morphos-1.20.lha (27 MB) (Readme)
swfdec_plugin-2.0.lha (4 MB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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