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Matthias Rustler (ANF)

Paint program: HollyPaint 1.1 (for all Amiga systems)
HollyPaint is a simple, with Hollywood created paint program with MUI-based user-interface. Additional to basic painting functions, all Hollywood filters like "Sepiatone", "Blur" or "Gray" are offered.

Versions for AmigaOS 3/4, MorphOS and AROS are available. The author himself could only test the AROS-version. HollyPaint is open-source software. The sources stand under a BSD-licence and are available on

Changes in version 1.1:
  • Rebuilt with Hollywood 5.3
  • Fixed issues with running stable under AROS, Morphos and AmigaOS4
  • Colorwheel with alpha sliders in own window
  • Individual setting of color for gradient, shadow and edge
  • Made toolbar window resizable
  • Loading and saving of transparent brushes
  • Implemented remaining filters
  • Implemented Arc tool
  • Added command line options -v (verbose) and -vv (very verbose) for debug output
  • New brush functions:
    • Trim brush (cuts off transparent areas)
    • Invert brush
    • Invert mask
    • Invert alpha
    • Replace Background by Pen color
    • Replace Pen by Background color
    • Copy Canvas: creates a brush from whole canvas
    • Put Back: place brush at given coordinates
    • Implemented reverting of brush
  • Print hotspot offset in brush information window
  • User borderless display. This makes it possible to load pictures with the same resolution as the screen
  • Print the size of the picture if it is too large to be opened
  • Added a checkmark to the status bar which shows if a brush is active
  • Use checkmark instead of text objects to show mask and alpha state
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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