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03.Nov.2013 (Forum)

Hollywood: MiniHollyEdit 2.0
MiniHollyEdit, written by the French programmer 'ArtBlink', is an ARexx-based editor for the programming language Hollywood, which so far was only available for Windows.

  • You can drag and drop file directly on the editor to open it
  • You can execute calculator + paint software + music software directly with this editor and you can configure what you want as software
  • You can compile your script in all formats supported by your Hollywood version
  • You can configure the editor to open or not the ressource monitor in execution mode or other option
  • You can search, go directly to the line or the editor goes to the line where an error occurs
  • If you have MUIRoyale, an listview has been added at the bottom
  • Quick help
  • You can see the path of your script
  • You can see all commands of Hollywood
  • If you choose a command in listview at the right and you press F10, the Hollywood guide opens directly at the command; for MUIRoyale too
  • You can refresh to see all of your functions at the right of the editor
Download: MHE.lha (1 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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