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Pascal Papara (ANF)

Project Synergy: App-Store for all Amiga systems
In November, Pascal Papara announced an App-Store which currently is in beta test. He wrote:

"Developers already can register and provide feedback. Pleasenote: It does not become a Web frontstore! The Web interface is meant for developers/content creators (music, books, magazines, films, demos).

Customers will access via client applications and will not via the browser. The API will be documented and in future third-party-developers can create other clients.

A referral-system will be made available, thus distributions can benefit from the proceeds. Via the referral-system, 3rd-party-webstores can access the store via API.

The virtual currency is used mainly for supporting Amiga-related projects. Additionally, traders can join in. The user beta test will start as soon as possible.

Similar to Apple's App-Store, our client will provide future system updates for AROS-Broadway and AEROS." (snx) (Translation: dr)

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